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Award Recipients of the Christians
with Chronic Illness Pain Award

Christians with Chronic Illness / Pain Award for people who exemplify encouragement to others who live with chronic illness or pain, when living with chronic illness or pain themselves.  2 Cor. 1:4
The follow web sites have been given the "Christians with Chronic Illness & Pain Award." You'll find many sites of comfort and encouragement. We feel
these are safe and informative places for Christians who live with chronic illness or pain. 

Please let us know if you find something questionable.If you would like your site considered for the Christians with Chronic Illness/Pain Award, please email us. 


2Hearts offering spiritual support to all who face the trauma of heart illness.

About Crohn's Disease, IBD & Living With Chronic Illness This is a place where I share my faith and experiences living with Crohn's disease & IBD. It's intended to offer hope to others suffering from chronic illness. Lots of information, links, and IBD chat link.

Anna M. Popescu, Freelance Writer My site contains information about fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses, as well as news about my writing. You can also read "The Write Stuff," my monthly newsletter, here. I hope my site is uplifting and encouraging to you or a family member or friend who is struggling with chronic pain illness.

Annie's Chronic Illness/Pain Homepage This Christian woman has obviously put in many, many hours creating a webpage (and more!) to offer comfort and encouragement to people living in chronic pain or with any kind of illness.

Bev's World This is a website with personal chronic illness stories,inspirational stories,original poetry,and more.

Butterflies of Lupus
This site is designed to share our experiences and struggles dealing with Lupus and other diseases that can go along with Lupus. Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, just to name a few. Living with this disease, at times can feel very lonely. It's hard to talk to others who do not walk in our shoes. The worst thing a person can do is isolate, we all need support! This is also a safe place for family and friends to come for information.

Catholic Girl A woman who has lupus shares her story.

Christian Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Discussion List An e-mail discussion list for Christians with CFS / CFIDS and related syndromes and diseases.

Christian Medical & Dental Society This excellent organization seeks to "change the heart of healthcare" and does so through conferences, resources, networking, ministries, and more by networking doctors and other healthcare workers.

Cranberry Tea Time Rachel saysm she chose this unique name because it is a symbol of heart-to-heart talks. "Back in college my closest friends and I would often share cups of hot cranberry tea until the late hours of the night (or wee hours of the morning!). While sipping cranberry tea together we would talk and talk, sharing our hearts. It was a comfortable, warm, welcoming, and enjoyable time. That is how I want you to feel when you’re reading on my site. I want you to feel welcomed into my world, and I want to share what is going on in my life, and the joy that I have despite life's circumstances."

CUSA is a community of the ill and disabled who support each other through our prayers and letters.

Debby's Digest My story reveals all that the Lord has brought me through. In the same way, He will see you through whatever trials you may be going through. I hope that you will consider taking a minute to read my arthritis story and see how the Lord has been by my side each step of the way. Through the years it has been His power alone that has sustained me.

Encouragement Ministries An encouraging site that exists to proclaim that there is hope in Christ for the lost and hurting!

Fibro-Angels We are a moderated Christian Chronic pain site. We are more than just information. We are "People Touching Hearts" and offering hope in our Faith. Although our site has won awards we never want to lose the vision of focusing on the purpose to show that Faith conquers all even during dark moments of Chronic illnesses.


Fibro-Friends Through a series of physical and emotional challenges, I have learned that God's grace is sufficient for me. Dealing with the daily challenges of living with fibromyalgia is made easier through our group of FIBROFRIENDS. We are Christian men and women who have fibromyalgia syndrome, christian illness and come together for educational, emotional and spiritual support.

Fibro-mama A delightful site by a Christian woman that offers much warmth and encouragement while living with fibromyalgia (FM, FMS).

Fibrohugs A friendly and supportive place where sufferers of fibromyalgia syndrome, christian illness (FM / FMS). Their families and friends can come for tough love, gentle hugs, and lifelong friendships.

Fibro Insite Educational Studies and Support
A Chronic Illness site dedicated in advocating for Chronic Illness. Medical information and resourses dealing with topics such as FMS , CFIDS , MPS , MS , and related ilnesses. Christian support , links and chat available. Educating about Fibromyalgia , family support and children's section included.

Fibromyalgia Connection This Christian woman shares her story of living with fibromyalgia (FM / FMS) and offers support and friendship through her organization.

For the Suffering A Christian woman share her experiences with other about living with various chronic conditions and requests your stories for a book she is writing on suffering.

Fresh Hope We are a Christian Message Board dedicated to encouraging, edifying, & building each other up, with a members only forum for those who Live with Pain. Here we can discuss issues about our lives that involves our pain & get encouragement and support from others who are going through the same things. It's a great place to learn, share, & grow together.

Gorden & Jacki's Place A very informative and comforting site by a Christian woman who has multiple chemical sensitivities / environmental illness.

hope-4crpsrsd is an inspirational Christian support group founded on the belief that even though we have crps/rsd, there is hope and life beyond this syndrome. Together, let's learn how to cope and deal with crps/rsd in positive ways. Prayer and prayer requests are welcome. Family and friends and those with other chronic pain conditions are also welcome.

I'm A Lupus Survivor! Great articles and much caring in this site by a woman who lives with lupus (SLE).

The Invisible Disabilities Advocate Wonderful resources, articles, support and advocacy for people with invisible disabilties, chronic conditions and invisible pain.

Karen's Health Faith Story A Christian woman shares how despite her health problems and circumstances how the Lord has helped me to live for Him.

Legacy of Hope A comforting place for those battling cancer that need a recluse and a Christian atmosphere.

Living with Fibromyalgia A Christian woman shares her story and where she finds her hope.

Little Bit 'O Trouble Tricia shares her new discoveries through living with cancer.

McCracken Cove Web site with nursing home ministry and about living with fibromyaglia.

ME Not Alone "Informative and interactive site for ME/CFS sufferers in Dorset (where I live), or anywhere else in the world, bringing Christian encouragement to lonely people and promoting creativity.

Meet Organist925 Here you will find support and resources for people coping with Crohn's Disease as well as some pages for my family members and a few internet groups that I belong to. Organist925 is a Christian woman who continues to serve God and her church while dealing with several chronic, incurable diseases, including Crohn's Disease.

My Journey A wonderful site by a man who lives with Alzheimer's Disease.

MPD/DID a Legitimate Diagnosis, a spiritual healing!
Exploring the reality of MPD/DID and how domestic and child abuse can affect a chids mental and physical well being. Support tips for "Supporters" and "Survivors"! Featuring meditation CD, and my own thoughts, ideas and theraries of how MPD/DID affects the entire body. And lots of Spirituality!

New Hope Ministries Dr. John Packo's ministry is one of encouragement to people coping with the difficulties of life.  His own experiences with cancer led to the writing of his book Coping with Cancer and other Life-Threatening Diseases and to the founding of New Hope Ministries. 

The OurFamily AMN/ALD Community Pages A support site for families dealing with the leukodystrophy diseases.

Perservere Lori's blog is all about running the race of faith in the midst of a muscle disease. Everything here is centered around the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

The PICPAIN Network This wonderful network of sites are designed to meet the needs of a person who is chronically ill or in pain.  The founder is a Christian woman with 16 years experience coping with chronic pain and chronic illness.

Pilgrim's Rest It is a place where one can find biblical resources, bible studies, devotionals, where one can link to support forums for the chronically ill and those suffering from any form of abuse. as well as testimonies, a message board for prayer requests and for others to post their needs or thoughts etc. We offer support , the love of Jesus , deliverance through the name of Jesus from addictions and much more.

Power Praise  A very cute page by a Christian woman who lives with a chronic illness.  Writings, links and encouragement.

Ragapooh's Muffin Page Patti shares with us how her kitties make a difference in how she copes with MS.

Rebecca and her husband both live with severe chronic illness and pain and are dedicated Christians.

Ronnie's CFS Page A Christian woman shares words of comfort and you'll laugh in understanding at her article "Oh, the Things People Say."

RSD Love An on-line Christian Internet Support Group for individuals suffering from (RSD) Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy or (CRPS) Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, and the family members of patients stricken with this devastating disease.

Safe Harbor A home for Christians with Porphyria and Chemical Sensitivities for sharing and prayer.

Seasons of Peace This fabulous site offers comfort and understanding from a Christian who has experienced panic attacks.

Soul Survivor Debbie Mumma has a wonderful, comforting site for people with chronic illness or pain.  It includes devotionals, links, and other writings and resources.

Tender Joints R.A.I.S.E.D, your Rheumatoid Arthritis Information and Support Center. Whether you are dealing with a new Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) diagnosis, have been living with RA for years, or are a family member or caregiver to someone with RA, Tender Joints is your place to find Information, Understanding, and Support.

Totally Hip A Christian organization for people recovering from hip surgery or replacement.

Wheels of Love A Christian relief organization committed to giving people access to church, and life. We want to reach children and adults around the world by showing God's love and concern, through the delivery of wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, bedside commodes, etc.

The World Association of Persons with Disabilities WAPD is a non-profit, non-political organization for the physically challenged. Containing a chat room, a newsletter, and a variety of information for the handicapped, W.A.P.D.'s Web site is a must-see, as rated by CBS news.




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