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Your Shopping Online
Can Help Rest Ministries!

Do you shop online? Whether it is for books, medications, groceries, gifts, or anything from Amazon, your purchases can help us significantly. Amazon has neary everything you can imagine.

And you can even install the GoodSearch search engine and we get 1 cent per search. Imagine how fast that could add up with just a few hundred (or even a few thousand of us!) using this service.

Shop at on our behalf (anything and everything is here!)

Download the Alexa Toolbar
with a "built in button" for the extra percentage to come to Rest Ministries

Shop at "IGive"
(if you join and shop within
45 days we get $5 bonus per person!)
Did you know with every SEARCH you do online we can race 1 cent? And the results are from Yahoo! so the quality is great! Go to for detaila dn a search bar. Just type in "Rest Ministries" where it says "Who do you search for?"



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