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Reaching Out to People with Chronic Illness - Do You Hear the Call?

By Lisa Copen

You reach out to me and ask Why? You write pages of letters, sharing your pain and I ask God, Why? Why must life hurt so much? I pray for you, but I wonder if you feel the prayers. I wish I could focus enough to sit down and write a long reply, but my hand barely holds a pen and my fingers have spent too much time on a keyboard already. My body is swollen. My heart sometimes bruised. But I won't give up. I will never give up.

finding purpose in your pain is one of the many reasons that people reach out to othersI should feel overwhelmed. I should feel What can I do? Who am I? But I know that with God beside me a difference will be made. God can make the difference. God can use each one of us to touch another life, even while we are still within our own pain. I don't want the glory. I don't need to feel important. I just want to overhear how God has changed a life.