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Chronic Illness - Chronic Pain Articles Available to Read and Reprint

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Every article below is available for reprint. Some lead to artices on our web page. Others lead to other sites. You may want to check out IdeaMarketers where most of Lisa's articles are becasue they provide an easy-to-cut-and-paste copy too.

Each article has a resource "box" (a few sentences at the end) that must be used "as is" if the article is reprinted. You can also add the above information if you desire. All articles are copyright by Lisa Copen.

*(This isn't likely to happen but it's one of those legal things we need to add: "Lisa has the right to ask you to remove it from your web site for any reason.")

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Lisa Copen is the founder of Rest Ministries, Inc., a Christian organization that serves people who live with chronic illness or pain. She is the editor of HopeKeepers Magazine and author of various books on chronic illness, including, Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill; and Why Can't I Make People Understand? Discovering the Validation Those with Chronic Illness Seek and Why. She's lived with rheumatoid arthritis since 1993 and resides in San Diego with her husband and son.
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