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Why Does God Always Work Just in Time? Coping with Chronic Illness

By Ron Cameron

Have you ever thought that God works on the 'Just In Time' principle, leaving every thing till the last minute? We've all heard of, or maybe experienced, events whereby the solution to a problem arrives at he last minute; an example of this is someone not knowing where the next meal is to come from, then they find a box of groceries on their doorstep. You can probably think of some examples. Take a moment to write them down.

Ever thought that from God's point of view it may not be "Just In Time" but at "Just the Right Time." We all tend to become anxious and want to know what is going to happen and where we are going.

Consider Abraham and Sarah (Genesis 11- 25). God had promised them an heir, yet they became anxious and look what happened (Genesis 15:12 - 16:6); At "Just the Right Time," however, Isaac was born (Genesis 18:1-14).

Move on to consider Joseph (Genesis 37- 50), sold into slavery, imprisoned and forgotten yet at "Just the Right Time" he is placed in charge of the grain distribution.

Then we move forward many years to the life of Jesus on earth at "Just the Right Time" (Romans 5:6).

Can you think of any others in the Bible who were part
of being at "Just the Right Time"? You might say they all were.

In the life of Jesus there are also people with chronic illness or pain that He met at "Just the Right Time." Take for instance the woman who had suffered from bleeding for many years (Luke 8:43-48), or the daughter of Jairus (Luke 8:49-56). Again another challenge for you to find more people Jesus met at "Just the Right Time."

So if God has been working at "Just the Right Time" in the lives of people in the Bible and in the lives of many people down through the ages, then why not in your life and mine. Daily we need to put our faith and trust in God knowing that He works at "Just the Right Time" to supply our needs—and in some cases our desires (Psalm 37:4).

Can you think of times in your own life whereby God supplied your need at "Just the Right Time"? Take heart. He knew your need then; He knows your need today! God knows your heartache and your pain, yet as He told Paul (2 Corinthians 12:9) His grace is sufficient for each day. He may not choose to heal you, but He has not forgotten you.

Come to think of it maybe I'm the one working in "Just In Time" mode while God is working in "Just the Right Time" mode.

Author, Ron CameronRon has began planning for his first hk meeting in February and has began an Australian "share and prayer" email support family, in partnership with Rest Ministries. Please keep him and his vision in your prayers. It brings me great joy to see how God works beyond national borders and across the oceans, bringing hope to so many. Thank you, Ron, for reaching out for God's plans, even in your weakness! Lisa C.


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