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Being Normal

By Saundra Sharp

Being Normal

What would you give to be normal, she asked
Looking me straight in the eye
I paused a moment in order to give
A completely honest reply

What would I give to be normal
The question, itself, wasn't new
Quick to mind came all the things
I could now no longer do

The list was long, and the list was sad
Of that I was painfully sure
I could sit a while, with my "losses list"
And continually add to it more

I returned my thoughts to the question
What did it really mean
And decided the answer was simpler
Than at first, to me, it seemed

I faced my well intended friend
My response, I knew, was true
In every way that matters the most
I'm just as normal as you

My world is restricted and narrow
Compared to where you reside
But it doesn't mean my spirit or soul
Need lessen in worth or size

No matter how wakened my body
I'll persist at any length
Not to allow my frailties
To negate my inner strengths

I wish, I hope, I dream, I pray
Quite often, I sit and cry
As long as there's laughter and love in my life
I'll know I'll continue to try

As children of our creator
We're equally valued the same
We're not defined by health or wealth
Position, power, or fame

I may never be fully, physically well
While here upon our earth
But normal or not, I'll do my best
Not to let it determine my worth

by Saundra Sharp Used with permission.
Saundra is homebound with MCS.

Reprinted from ...And He Will Give You Rest
monthly support newsletter, Volume 5, Issue 1. ©