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Hope Will See Us Through

By Alice Ervin

Hope Will See Us Through

Throughout my life I have to say the Lord’s been good to me,
He’s poured out many blessings, given life abundantly,
I know I need to praise Him more, but lately things have changed,
It seems like everything in my life is being rearranged.

There are still some good days, but, oh my, I never knew,
That trials could come so suddenly, from somewhere in the blue,
I now have days where all goes wrong, at least that’s how it seems,
I fight fatigue and sleepless nights, the pain is so extreme!

The doctors have no answers, and my friends don’t understand,
Oh, how I yearn at times for just one friend to hold my hand
And, listen when I cry and say, “I need someone to care!
Not try to “fix” or “give advice,” but simply “just be there.”

Dear God, I know I’m not alone, I know that you are here,
There’re others, too who need to know You’ll wipe away their tears,
Lord, help us in our struggles to be all You’d have us be,
To be “Your hand extended” to all those who are in need.

We’ll all go through our trials, and some will face much pain,
Lord teach us to “reach out and touch Your robe,” and then we’ll gain,
The strength to keep on “pressing on” and helping others, too,
And then we’ll know the blessed “hope” we’ll find only in You.

There are no answers always to the questions that arise,
You didn’t promise sunshine without some cloudy skies,
But, You did promise we have “hope,” that “anchor for the soul,”
And, someday if we just endure, Your face we shall behold.

Written by: Alice Ervin
Dayton, Ohio, July, 2006