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Longing for a Simple Life

By Tammi R.

Longing for a Simple Life

"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for Him…
(Psalm 37:7, NIV).

Those of you with chronic illness and/or pain can identify with the following poem I recently wrote. Sometimes I get frustrated because this illness has lasted for so long. I would love to be significantly better or completely well. I'm sure many of you can relate. It's very difficult sometimes to be patient and wait on the Lord to act, but that is what we are called to do as Christians. We are not promised a trial free life. Jesus, our Savior, experienced much suffering on the cross and we should also expect to encounter suffering. I hope my poem encourages each of you to stay close to Jesus and wait on Him for healing and strength.

If my life was only simple, Lord,
How happy I would be.
No more spacing out my activities;
Low energy would not hinder me.

I'd help my friends and neighbors
And do for others all the while.
I'd exercise five times a week
And do it with a smile.

I'd shop until I drop,
No more limited time on my feet.
I'd walk all the way around our block.
That would be a wonderful treat!

Headaches, fatigue and nausea
No more would weigh me down.
I'd dance around joyfully,
And never wear a frown.

But, Lord, if my life was simple,
I might forget to pray.
I'd get caught up in the rat race
That drives our culture each day.

I want to stay close to You, Lord,
No matter what it takes
To keep me sitting at Your feet
My stubborn will to break.

I'd love to be well today, Lord,
Could you microwave me until I'm done?
I'm tired of being in this slow cooker,
Most days it's just no fun.

So, Lord, I pray for my attitude
To glorify You each day,
As You continue to refine me
Each and every step of the way.

Tammi R. has suffered with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (or "CFIDS") for almost fifteen years. When able, she enjoys swimming, cooking, sewing, writing and traveling. Tammi's passion is encouraging others with chronic illnesses to draw closer to Jesus Christ and find hope and strength in Him. Take a minute to visit her website at