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The Master Potter

By Elizabeth Pearson

The Master Potter formed the vessel in accordance with His will;
A vessel He'd determined afore how He would usefully fill.

But the vessel looked upon Himself and did not like what he saw;
Misshapen, crooked, and ugly, he, so evident was each flaw!

"Why have you made me like this?" he cried, "I've no beauty like the rest! You could have created me perfect -- and name me one of Your best!"

"But you are unique, and dearly loved, your beauty is in your worth; I've chosen you for service, not looks, do not scorn your lowly birth."

"You'll hold to the brim such perfurme sweet, and please all who pass you by -- They'll rejoice when breathing your fragrance, praising your Maker on High!"

"Outward appearance is just for show, inner presence is what counts. Handsome vessels are often empty -- detached from the Master's founts.

"Satisfied be with your lot in life, revolt 'gainst Your Maker quell,
For you are extra-special to Me, Eternity's days will tell."

In surrender, the vessel found peace, His service was multiplied.
With joy his heart was filled to the brim -- The Lord within did abide!

Copyright 2001, used with permission.
Elizabeth Pearson is a 72 year-old mother of three, grandmother of five and a former elementary school teacher. She is very active in my church and community. Although she does no personally suffering from chronic illness, she has many friends who do.