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Christian Disability Organizations & Resources
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  • Disability ministry is an area of ministry where passion is alive. But it's still hard to convince churches that the need is larger than even they realize. We hope these resources help you in finding materials as well as inspirational speakers.

    Too many churches say, "We don't have people with disabilities..." Our question is... "Why do you think that is?"

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    Find a Church that is Disability - Friendly

    Looking for a church with a disability ministry to attend?

    Joni and Friends has an ever-growing database of churches where you will be welcomed! And it will likely be accessible and sensitive to the needs of people affected by disability.

    Ministries Joni and Friends

    Bethesda Lutheran Home National Christian Resource Center
    Devotions for individuals and families, games, bulletin inserts, litany and sermon outlines. Bethesda also publishes Breakthrough, a quarterly magazine about ministries with people with developmental disabilities, focused primarily on Lutheran congregations.

    Bridge Builders
    The encourage and equip the church to minister to persons with disabilities. They encourage each person with disabilities to identify their gifts and minister their gifts to the body of Christ and to the community.

    Christian Church Foundation for the Handicapped (CCFH)
    Provide a full range of services for persons with developmental disabilities including residential homes, job training, opportunities for social interaction, and opportunities for spiritual growth.

    The Christian Reformed Church: Committee on Disability Concerns
    We are unable to find specific information on their web site about their disability committee but you can contact Rev. James Vanderlaan at his email:

    Disabilities Ministries
    A safe place to express your prayer needs publicly, and be prayed for by the many Prayer Warriors.

    Life Without Limbs
    From Life Without Limbs to Life Without Limits! Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs but the love he holds overcomes any physical limitation. An amazing speaker who brings thousands to Christ through his testimony. Featured on 20/20 in March of 2008. His web site has a great selection of videos to watch too!

    Hope For The Handicapped
    A Christian handicapped ministry for the physically challenged and homebound, physically challenged, handicapped ministry, tape ministry, disability and more.

    Lift Disability Network
    This organization stands as a national consortium of disability ministries and leaders, presenting a unified evangelical voice to the church and to the world. Lift Leadership, under the global vision of Lift Disability Network, is committed to Connecting, Advancing and Nurturing Disability Ministry.

    ELEOS - The Care Network
    Eleos embraces individuals who are confronting the traditional limits of a disability. Through a suite of innovative ministry programs, Eleos empowers individuals and families with the understanding that they are contributors and not just recipients of care. They are developing a compassionate community poised to elevate their culture and this generation with a statement of hope.

    Relentless Grace
    In December, 1987, Rich fell from the roof of his house while installing Christmas lights. This freak accident resulted in a spinal cord injury and paralysis below his chest. After a long struggle, Rich has learned to survive and thrive in a wheelchair. He's an inspirational speaker and author.

    Through The Roof
    This is a special needs ministry for individuals and families affected by disability as a result of physical, developmental, sensory, and cognitive challenges.

    Joni and Friends
    This international ministry has its own category because of the scope of its programs and resources. Joni Eareckson Tada founded the ministry in 1979 to communicate the gospel and equip Christ-honoring churches worldwide to evangelize and disciple people affected by disabilities.

    See locations of all offices

    Joni and Friends Sponsors the The Christian Fund for the Disabled: Connecting Churches and People Affected by Disability
    The Christian Fund for the Disabled is a grant program designed to display the love of Jesus by meeting the spiritual and practical needs of people with disabilities. Through helping meet practical needs, our aim is to strengthen existing relationships between people with disabilities and their local church as well as connect people without a church home to a local, Christ-honoring church. Grants of up to $2,500 nationally and $1,000 internationally are available to individuals, as well as churches and other Christian organizations. Download more information and the application [pdf]

    Other ministries of Joni and Friends include:


    Practical Helps Education

    Joni and Friends TV Show
    Be encouraged as you hear about how people when from tragedy to triumphant living -- even when their circumstances didn't change. Even if you don't have an illness or disability, this show will bring tears to your eyes and help you prioritize what is really important in life.

    Daily Devotionals
    From Rest Ministries (Illness-related)
    From Joni and Friends (Disability-related)
    Both are encouraging for anyone!

    Disabled Christian Tape Fellowship
    DCTF is a monthly cassette magazine for people with all types of disabilities. It is nondenominational, and non-charismatic in nature: so people of all faiths are welcome to join. You can send in entries of all kinds to be recorded on the magazine. (We are currently unable to locate the new link and hoping to find this service again soon.)

    The Christian Institute on Disability
    This certificate program is the first of its kind and began in Mach 2008. Brochure [pdf]


    Robert Ward - Christ-center Disabilty speaker, Turning Your Disabilities into Christ Abilty and Get Out of the Boxes.  
    Books to Consider for Disability Ministry

    Many of our programs are "Sunroom Enhanced" meaning you can find additional social network communities in the Sunroom, as well as the regular program itself. For example there is an email men's group and also men's groups in the Sunroom for additional interaction.