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Australia Happenings at Rest Ministries

G'day from downunder, Australia.

This page is designed to provide visitors and Aussies alike, with information on the resources that can be found down under to support you in your daily walk with chronic illness or pain.

Koorong Bookshop
Welcome to Aussie Resources at Rest Ministries

Welcome to Aussie Resources at Rest Ministries

Author, Ron CameronWelcome to the Rest Ministries Aussie web page. My name is Ron and I live with parkinson's disease in Sydney, Australia.

If you are looking for books to comfort or encourage you in your daily walk then take time to visit the Koorong bookshop.

HopeKeepers first came to Australia with the formation of Baulko HopeKeepers in January 2000.

It is hoped that we will be able to gradually increase the list of resources available with your help. If you have any suggestions or comments please sent them to Ron.


Many of our programs are "Sunroom Enhanced" meaning you can find additional social network communities in the Sunroom, as well as the regular program itself. For example there is an email men's group and also men's groups in the Sunroom for additional interaction.