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 JAN - FEB 2004
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How Long do I Have
to Live with This, Lord?
Talking to Your Spouse About Your llness: How Much is Too Much?
Medical Records: Aren't They Mine?
Increasing the Odds:
Disability Resources
to Get You Organized
What I'd Like to Tell My Pastor About Chronic Illness
10 Ways to Save $ in 2004
Talk Over Tea with the Editor
Tell Us Your Thoughts
Strive to Thrive Health News
Joy Bites
Strength in the Shadows
Volunteer Corner
Book Review: Examining Alternative Medicine
Ask the Doc
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"Wanted you to know I received my first issue of your hopekeepers Magazine and I think it is wonderful. You are doing an amazing job.I loved (and so did my husband) the joke about fibrofog. Boy could we relate. And it was a funny way of letting him know that it is real and that is why I am like that. The Lord is certainly leading you as you gather articles and put this magazine together for us. Thank you so much." Linda in CA

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