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 July - August 2004
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COVER STORY: Casey Martin was thrilled to play professional golf, but he never thought he'd be thrown into the spotlight because of his disability. . .
When Your Pain is Not Being Treated
WARNING: Beware of Bible Cures!
God is in the Details
Sun, Sun, Find the Shade
Why Can't I Make People Understand? Book Excerpt
When God Hollers, "No!"
Talk Over Tea with the Editor
Tell Us Your Thoughts
Strive to Thrive Health News
Joy Bites
Strength in the Shadows
Volunteer Corner
Book Review: What Would Jesus Eat?
Ask the Doc
HopeNotes: hopekeepers
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Tell Us Your Thoughts

Thanks for Being Here

I consider Rest Ministries Internet site, the devotions I receive everyday, hopekeepers Magazine and your selfless devotion to it all-simply put-a godsend to people like me. Thank you for being here for us. By keeping us focused and in perspective on what God's purpose for us here on earth is, you have not only given our lives and dignity back, you have gently prodded and shown me how to love and accept my "new" self. -Roxanne Creath, Church Road, VA

Doctor Recommended

I enjoyed reading Dr. Chai's Q & A article along with all of the other interesting articles upon receipt of my first hopekeepers Magazine. What a great ministry and tool for support and sharing of information!
-Vanessa A. Castine, MD

I Needed Encouraged

Congratulations on a wonderful magazine. I have been a part of Rest Ministries for several years; I loved the magazine and saved all my copies to share with others, even sharing articles out of them at work. It's truly a blessing to see how God is using you to reach out to those of us with chronic illness and provide a much needed source of encouragement and support. What is even a greater blessing is that God has empowered you despite your own physical illness, to take on such a great challenge. So congratulations! Thank you for all you and the volunteers do. -Libby Jones, Sanford, FL


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