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HopeKeepers Leaders Info: Welcome Packet Ideas for New Members

When people first start to attend your group, it can be a nice touch to have a welcome packet for them. Here are some ideas of things to put inside!

A lot of our group leaders put together a folder so people have a wealth of information which can offer some encouragement and also introduce them to what HopeKeepers is all about a particular church.

"God loves the pure-hearted and well-spoken; good leaders also delight in their friendship."

Proverbs 22:11, The Message

Welcome Packet Ideas

Most leaders just purchased folders at their local office supply store for around $.25 apiece.

Ideas of things to put in your folder:

  • An introductory letter from you.
  • A list of participants and information they are willing to share such as phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, spouses, ages of kids, birthdays, good times to call, etc.
  • A letter of welcome from your pastor (your group may have people visit who have never attended the church before.
  • An itinerary of the HopeKeepers group season (such as scheduled meetings and fun activities)
  • Information about your church such as a brochure or newsletter bulletin
  • A HopeKeepers Magazine (these can be purchased in bulk subscriptions)
  • Informational sheet about a lending library of books, tapes, etc.
  • Devotionals from Rest Ministries web site or articles of interest
  • A recommended reading list
  • Inspiring quotes or scriptures
  • Postcards about Mosaic Moments devotional book (available from Rest Ministries for free)
  • A notepad
  • A listing of your church ministries, who to call in case of an emergency, etc.
  • Small items, such as stickers, a pen, notecards to send people encouragement, a coupon to be redeemed for “a cup of coffee with you,” etc. See more ideas here.
  • Feel free to add things that are personal to you, such as the particular poem or devotional, a list of books that have been helpful to you, etc.

I know I am biased, that after years of trying to create a resource to encourage people in the many aspects of living with an illness, I believe every HopeKeepers welcome packet should include a “HopeKeepers Magazine.” We have these available at a bold discount for a year supply or 10 copies for just $15. The link for this is here.

If you are unable to afford copies for your welcome packets, please e-mail me your name, address, and the amount that you need, and I will do my best to provide them at no cost.

PLEASE NOTE: our magazine will temporarily being going digital due to costs associated with printing and postage. Stay tuned!

Many times people attend HopeKeepers groups and may not actually connect with Rest Ministries. This is our way of inviting them to visit our web site, and learn more about all that we offer, including many articles, free online daily devotionals, and even support for spouses and of those who live with chronic illness.

lisa copen

Lisa Copen



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