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What is in the

at Rest Ministries

  • A portion of each issue of hopekeepers Magazine will be on the internet for free as a .pdf file
  • hopekeepers Magazine will be available via "audio" format, on CD. The subscription price will be the same ($17.97, but not buy 1 get 1 free)
  • We will have RSS feeds so you can sign up to automatically get updates from Rest Ministries, daily devotionals, press releases, etc. as an RSS feed.
  • Lisa will be doing short devotional "podcasts" (an audio file you can listen to online or download to an MP3 player or Ipod.)
  • Lisa's recent presentation will be available on CD format online soon.
  • PSAs (Public service announcements) that you can send to your local Christian radio station on behalf of Rest Ministries.

"A Time of Refreshment" chats are a great way to converse with some fabulous guest authors and also fellowship with people who care about you. We meet each Wednesday at 11 a.m. pacific (USA). Watch the daily devotionals for announcements. See: (Time converter too)

Upcoming topics include:

  • May 24: Claudette Palatsky - Seasons of Change
  • May 31: Dena Dyer - Finding Peace in a Chaotic World
  • June 14: Linda Evans Shepherd - Reaching for God while
    in the middle of a battle with pain
  • June 21: April Boyer - Tuning Into Jesus

Missed a chat? No problem! All the transcripts are here.

Thank you for your testimonies...

Dear Lisa, I had to get up from my bed and write you before I could go to sleep. I had gone to bed feeling not good as usual, with my hubby home from work sick as well, and knowing that we would not have enough money to meet our bill needs on Friday if he does not work tomorrow. Sinking into a pit, I decided to get out my Mosaic Moments and read only your devotionals. Half way into them I was feeling peaceful and already nodding off to sleep. You know several weeks ago when you ask us for books of comfort that we have read, well I want you to know Mosaic Moments is a comforting book. It makes me feel like I am not alone in my suffering and pain. I hope you will do another one sometime soon, Mosaic Moments 2. I got peace from reading your devotionals, oh yes Lisa, I did! It is a great comfort book. Bless your heart and bless this ministry. Love, K.

Just a note from someone who recieves your devotional everyday. . . I wonder if you sometimes think whether you are reaching anyone? Well, today Christy Brewster really did! I'm sitting here feeling so YUCK and worthless, full of pain and ...well you know the rest. Thank you so much that people out of their distress reach out to others accross the world (UK) and let God minister to them. May God Bless both you and all your 'writers' mightily, J.

I received the info packet [about starting a hopekeepers group] this weekend. This is an awesome opportunity! I am so thankful that God put this ministry in all of your hearts to start this! I am so glad I am not alone, and that I have a support network to help others in need! T.

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hopekeepers Subscriber Has New Book!

We receive some really wonderful books from people who live with illness, but there isn't room in Lisa's garage to carry them all! So, we'd like to point you to Elaine's book, Grace for the Journey, A Story of Illness, Hope and Faith. She has been living with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome since 1991, and with interstitial cystitis since 1997. In 2001 she was diagnosed with infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the left breast, which was locally advanced. She has undergone two breast cancer surgeries, radiation treatment and is currently living with metastatic disease. This book begins with the story of the author’s journey of faith and the second section of the book consists of a four-part selection of more than 400 Scriptures and 40 poetic prayers

Says Elaine, "I especially wish to reach those who are chronically ill as well as those who may be hurting emotionally or searching spiritually. My prayer is to convey that God is not only merciful, loving and forgiving, but is One who desires to have a meaningful personal relationship with each of us." The book retails for $14 plus shipping.










"2 Brand New Books I am thrilled to have available for you!" -Lisa Copen

Two of her three children were born with a deadly rare disease called Zellweger Syndrome. They both lived about six months. She's been down a hard road of "processing pain," she explains how it is n ongoing daily endeavor.

Out of this came her books, The One-Year Book of Hope, 52 weeks of daily devotions, organized around themes like brokenheartedness, faith, and questioning God. Even the shading on the pages and the way this book lays open is comforting. (bible-size book) Regularly $14

In Holding on to Hope Guthrie searches for the reason for suffering. She turns to the Book of Job, teasing out themes of restoration and redemption amidst Job's many trials. (smaller pocket-size book) - Regularly $7

One reviewer says, "Guthrie never runs from hard questions, from the section on heaven (what are our loved ones doing up there? What will our bodies be like?) to a week on finding purpose in pain. (Here, Guthrie discusses how she has used her own experiences to minister to hurting people, and encourages others to do the same as they feel ready.) Where other devotionals offer tiny and undemanding snippets from Scripture, Guthrie's approach is meatier, and we see her genuinely wrestling with some of the more difficult passages of the Bible."

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