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Let us know what is happening in your hopekeepers group! Changed lives, health faires, radio programs, parties! We'd love to post your photos too.

Special Welcome to our Newest hopekeepers Groups!

These are in order of states, alphabetically. You can find out contact info on the map. Church web sites are most likely not updated with hopekeepers info yet since they are brand new groups but you can learn more about the church.

Helena, AL
Riverside Baptist Church
Susie Eaise

Vacaville, CA
The Father's House
Rebecca Ellis

Bristol, CT
Hillside Community Church
Diane Kiley

Panacea, FL
Ochlockonee Bay/Sopchoppy United Methodist Church
Kathy Lambert

Grayslake, IL
Shepherd of the Lakes Lutheran Church
Evelyn Rossi

Troy, MI
Troy Christian Chapel
Cheryl Decraene

Marion, MI
Pisgah Heights Wesleyan Church
Elizabeth Vendley

Buffalo, MO
Lindley Christian Church
Gayla Peterson

Statesville, NC
Western Avenue Baptist Church
Ellen Fox

Bethlehem, PA
Lehigh Valley Grace Bretheren Church
Heather Sutherland

Southampton, PA
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
Janet Herschel

Columbia, SC
Forest Pines Gracious Living Retirement Center
Lee Hutson

Columbia, SC
Shandon Baptist Church
Jane Donnell

San Antonio, TX
Community Group
Chyrell Keeling

Walla Walla, WA
Amazing Grace Church of the Nazarene
Wendi Johnson

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All hopekeepers group information is updated on the web site. If your group is not listed, please send in a registration form. If your group is no longer meeting, please let us know.

We're looking for a hopekeepers group that would be profiled in a soon-to-be issue of hopekeepers Magazine. A photo and brief article are requested, help is available with the article if needed. Email Lisa


for you, your web site or church/support group newsletter!


Lisa has written a number of articles that are making their way around the internet as "free material" that can be used in ezines, on your web site, etc. These are a great way to spread the message about chronic illness and also the ministry!

You may reprint them in a church newsletter too! You can find everything at Faith Writers and you don't have to ask permission to reprint them (but we'd love to know where they are printed- we may even mention your church!)

Some titles include:

    • Hospital Visits: What Do You Talk About?
    • 6 Ways to Let Those with Chronically Illness in
      Your Church Know You Care
    • My Medical Records: Why Can't I See Them?
    • 8 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Mom
    • Are there Medical Benefits to Video Games?
    • 6 Ways Anyone Can Lose a Few Pounds This Summer
    • Celebrating Today Despite Living with Illness
    • Illness Isn't an Excuse for Not Guarding Our Words
    • Learning to be Assertive Despite the Fatigue of Illness


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