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Each day in our online daily devotionals we have a question and ask you to TALK BACK! You do and your answers are a great source of encouragement to others who live with chronic illnesses. It's nice to know we are not alone.

What is your favorite part of Spring?


. . .wonderful smells, new growth, birds singing and all the details that God has included in the lines of every flower and leaf. Trisha Lewis, Lincoln, Nebraska, (Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety
Chronic sleep disorder)

. . . my flower and herb garden. I love the sight and smell of lilacs, and iris blooming. My husband does the heavy work and our grandchildren compete for the opportunity to help clean out the flower beds. During all of that work, the pepperment, basil, and sage get stepped on in places and the wonderful aroma fills the air. The old-fashioned lilac, heavy with blooms, lends its sweet fragrance to the gentle breeze. Cheery sweet voices of children and the birds singing.. I can't think of a better way to spend a spring day. Linda, Millersburg, Pennsylvania, (pernicious anemia, celiac disease and arthritis)

. . . seeing the new life in the nature reserve nearby. We see hundreds of baby ducklings following their moms thru the waterways and the lilypads. We see geese flying in formation, eagles, hawks, cranes, and one of my favorites; 100's of baby turtles sunning themselves on old rotten logs. The world greens up, a breeze blows, and I see all kinds of exciting new life! When we need a break from busy parsonage life, my husband and I pack a lunch and hot tea, bring our birding binoculars, and head to one of the reserves nearby to watch the marshlands or forests come to life. It always renews my spirit, and excites my heart! Sandy Platt, Winslow, Indiana (Fibromyalgia, Sjogren's, Mitral Valve Prolapse, Neuropathy in my feet, Degenerative disc, MPS, and etc. But God is good all the time!)

. . . viewing the beautiful flowering trees and also the other spring flowers that are bursting forth in a beautiful array of colors. The view outside right now is breathtaking! Nancy M. Wilcox, Concord, NC (rheumatoid arthritis)

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Hearts at Home, a magazine for moms.
March-April 2006
"Friendship in Action"
by Lisa Copen
Finding Light in Cancer's Shadow,
by Lynn Eib, RM is
isted as a resource.
AAMR Religion & Spirituality
Winter 2006
Recommendation for Beyond Casseroles
Fibromyalgia Frontiers
Volume 14, Number 1, Quotes by Lisa Copen &
reference to books.

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