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Lisa's Latest Article:
Can I Be Mad at God About My Illness? 3 Ways to Know

"He Cares" New Testament - with Psalms and Proverbs

This is a wonderful new testament Bible. Everyone who has received one has seemed to love it!

Written by Lynn Eib, an extraordinary woman who is a cancer survivor and now a cancer patient advocate, she understands just what you are going through and opens up the Bible, calling attention to scriptures from the viewpoint of someone living with illness.

And guess what? The publisher did something extra special and priced it at just $10 so that people with illness could actually afford it easily!

Even if this just goes on your wish list for now, be sure to visit the web page and bookmark it. You won't regret it!


Did you know... this newsletter is posted on its own blog! Each section is posted separately under different categories and then the whole ezine is also posted as a text file.

This means you can search fast for what you read in a previous issue, get a Widget to put it on your own web page or blog and also comment on the articles... which we hope you will do!

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Do you want to share your testimony or story? Do you have news you think would help others? We'd love to hear from you!

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Dear Friends,Lisa Copen

It's Spring Break here in sunny California. My son is 5 and starts Kindergarten in the fall, so I am trying my best to find the joy in each moment. A cold my husband had caught up with me and I'm coughing more than I would like. I'm off my normal drugs to take an antibiotic, and let's just say things never work out exactly as we'd planned. I've been getting orders out (thanks to those of you who ordered books last week! They are on their way)... and working on the web site while yelling, "DO NOT put the cat in the pool. Did you hear me?" (Okay, it's a kiddie pool all of 8 inches deep but that's beside the point.)

We've been to Let's Play and Learn, McDonald's, The Little Gym, had one play date and our weekly visit to the health center. Monday, after the health center visit we stopped by Berean Christian bookstore to drop of some magazines and he said, "I want a book!" Well, I had to give in, right? The kid wants Christian books! Little did I know the real ministry would come when a woman driving her scooter stopped to look at Bible covers near where Josh was sitting flipping through his book.

"Why do you have a scooter? What kind of battery does it take? Do you have to charge it? Does it have headlights? How fast does it go? Why does it have a crack?" He bombarded her with questions she graciously answered. I smiled and said, "We do a lot with Joni and Friends, so he's eager to know about all the workings of any kind of scooter."

She thought it was nice. She started a conversation and asked if she could give Josh a ride. He climbed up and held on and they whizzed around the back of the store.

As we got ready to leave I said, "I don't want to assume anything, but I have a ministry for people with illness and I have a free magazine if you'd like a copy."

"Thank you," she said.

"I have rheumatoid arthritis," I explained.

"So do I," she said.

She shared a few healing miracles God had done in her life; she wasn't cured from her RA but God had definitely worked in her life, and surprised a few doctors along the way.

"She was nice." Josh said as we left. "Her scooter was cool."

I'm the last one who wants to grab a scooter or wheelchair and admit that I need it. I will admit I dread that day when it comes. And yet I hope I will remember the kindhearted people like this woman in the Christian bookstore who shared her joy and even her fun side with my son. The compassion he has for others, especially those with disabilities, comes from people like her.

May you feel His comfort,

Lisa's signature


Lisa Copen
Rest Ministries Director and Founder




hopekeepers Magazine
It is just starting to arrive, despite being sent 2 weeks ago from Florida. Bulk mail, especially something seen as a periodical, seems to take a long time, so stay patient and keep and eye out for it!

Wondering if an issue is heading your way? You can click here to see. If you want one and aren't on the list, you can get one by ordering anything in our store (even a $.50 item) and we'll stick on in you envelope.

New web site coming soon
Lisa was hoping to have the new web site up this week, but she is working on fixing the broken links and her program keeps crashing. Rest assured, it should be up and going next week. We look forward to your feedback!


Did you know our web site has hundreds of pages of information? Lisa is nearly done with a complete overhaul of the web site and we'll use this place to let you know about pages, articles and other resources you may not even know exist on our web site!

Does your husband have a chronic illness? Your wife?
We have groups for both of these! A man's group for those with a chronically ill wife and a woman's group for those who have a husband with an illness. Check it out here.

And what if your spouse doesn't believe you are actually ill? Here is an article to read.

Watch our new web site for this graphic. If you see it you'll know there is a related group in the Sunroom.

Have you been to the Sunroom yet? If not you're missing out!
Rest Ministries Sunroom has just about hit 300 people! This is a "social network" of Ning. It's easy! You can just visit the webpage and wander around to view the messages people have written or you can join and the create your own page with your favorite photos, videos, music, blog and more.

Would Rest Ministries Exist
Without the Internet?

It's highly unlikely. . . because we began with $0 budget and 1 non-techie founder with some time on her hands. Eleven years later, we've reached millions (literally!) because of the internet. That's why we want to let you know that April 27 is Internet Evangelism Day. With over 1000 million people already online, the potential for web evangelism is staggering. This is a day of opportunity! Please take time to look at the Internet Evangelism Day website, and find how God is using this new medium. You may have the gifts to be involved in web evangelism yourself --and surprisingly, you do not need to be technical!


By Freda, FibroSplash Moderator

When a woman shared her recent griefs in the FibroSplash group, Freda reached out and shared her own story. I am constantly amazed how God has sent us volunteers and participants who have truly "walked the walk" and are using the lessons they've learned through it with others. This is ministry . . . and it has nothing to do with programs - it's just people with the love of the Lord.


Yes, there is solace in shared grief and I am glad that you have been so comforted by those of similar loss. Perhaps the cruelest words offered to those grieving are the well meaning and intentioned ones, "I know how you must feel!" Truly no one but the Lord does! Even those of us who have walked through and past the death of a cherished child only truly know our own pain and sorrow; but, we can offer love, understanding, and a sharing of pain with others who have been or are going through this.

Walking through the steps of our grief is so very difficult but, "Praise the Lord, "we do need not walk it on our own! He is there every step of the way--behind us to keep us looking towards Him, in front of us to show us the blessed hope of reunion with those who loved Him and have gone before, and along side us to support, to direct our path and to encourage us to share our hope with others.

After a car pedestrian accident our "almost-four-Mommy!" girl entered into the presence of the Lord. Too young to have rejected God's gift of salvation which is available only through the blood of Jesus Christ, our Suzie has been with the Lord Jesus Christ whom she loved since 1976 and I know the courts of heaven rang when she was ushered in, hugged Jesus and looked for her beloved. . .

> Read the rest of this story here

"I urge you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and put obstacles in your way that are contrary to the teaching you have learned. Keep away from them. For such people are not serving our Lord Christ, but their own appetites. By smooth talk and flattery they deceive the minds of naive people." -Romans 16:17-18


Money, Money, Money, Muuuuney... HELP!
If tax season has set you back, help is here! We found a web site, Bootstrapper, that is packed full of the
Top 50 Christian Business and Finance Blogs that will help you understand how to organize your own personal finances, get out of debt, set up college funds, save for retirement, invest, understand legalese of financial issues and much more. This is one page you will want to bookmark and refer to often.

Send a Soldier a Bible!
Requests for Rapid Deployment Kits, which contain a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, a daily devotional, and an evangelistic booklet all packaged in a waterproof bag, are requested for 15-20,000 soldiers each month through Campus Crusade for Christ's Military Ministry. Find out more info on what and where to send it.

Looking for a Free Medical Clinic?
web site has a great selection of medical clinics that are free of $20 or so all over the USA. It also offers dental clinics.



Lisa is nearly ready with this too. Yada, yada, yada, huh? "I feel like I've been working a lot with nothing to show for it for some time," says Lisa. "It will be exciting when the podcasts are going, the web site is up and we have the magazine at conferences around the country!"

So anyway, she is taking information from people interested in being guests. If you are a nurse, doctor, lawyer, pastor, counselor, author, or someone with an amazing testimony you think would encourage others, let us know. If you have experience with radio interviews, that's a bonus, so be sure to mention that when you send your bio or link to your web page bio.

Watch this area of the ezine each week for information about our special guest that Lisa will be interviewing, people who serve others who live with chronic illness through both inspirational and practical ways.

Log on at the Hope Endures web site to hear the broadcast. You can either listen to it online, with your MP3 or ipod player, or... you can call a phone number and listen to it over the phone. Stay tuned... because once we have a selection of shows they will also be available on CD.


Thanks to a New Assistant!
Lisa has recruited one of her girlfriends to help her catch up with busy work. Welcome Shelley who you may receive an email from at some point in the future. Shelley lives in San Diego, is married with two children, ages 3 and 5. She's been busy helping Lisa find Christian writers conferences to send magazines and writers guidelines too. And chances are if you order anything that needed stuffed (envelopes, bookmarks, etc.) it's the ministry of her hands. Thanks, Shelley!

A few thank yous from you!

Thank you for the book Why Can't I Make People Understand. It is wonderful! I really did not know what to expect from the book and was pleased by the message of grace, trust, joy, love, forgiveness, and acceptance. I have also recently read Dr. Cloud's book on setting boundaries, and Philip Yancey's books on pain, including Where is God When It Hurts?, and What Is So Amazing About Grace? God is so great to provide all of this information, people, and their ministries working together in my life as well as others when we simply ask and pray for His help. . .

I wanted to tell you about a wonderful coincidence that happened to me with your ministry. I was surfing the web on a night when I felt so alone in my pain and illness, and found your video clip on YouTube. Then I went to your website and ordered your book. The week I received the book and started to read it, I also decided to join a new disabilities support group at my church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship, here in Chandler, AZ. To my surprise they were using your bible study book When Chronic Illness Enters Your Life. I was so amazed that God works in such interconnected ways in the lives of so many. So thank you so much for your ministry. We have an amazing God!" - Erin D.

Your web site and books, etc. have given me new hope and God is telling me to help others. I hope to start a hopekeepers group in my church. I'm finally understanding that it's not my lack of faith that I'm not healed. God is in control and has a purpose. Thank you! - Kathy

Okay, we all need a laugh now and then, right?
Linda sent this in to us and we had to share our giggle.

So this is how I imagine this conversation went:

Walmart Employee: "Hello this Walmarts, how can I help you?"
Customer: "Yes, I would like to order a cake for a going away party this week."
Walmart Employee: "Whatcha want on the cake?"
Customer: "Best Wishes Suzanne." And underneath that, "We will miss you."

> Have something silly to share?


People are always asking, "How can I help Rest Ministries?" With the internet, it's easy to help spread the word. With just a few of us working together to write a review someone or "Stumble Upon" an article, Rest Ministries can gain tons of exposure without having to spend a dime! We'll share a suggestion here each week, where if you can take a minute it will help us reach more people!

ICRS stands for International Christian Retail Show and it will be held July 13-17, 2008 in Orlando, FL. We have some of our books with a distributor so any bookstore (from Berean to Borders) can order them through Ingram.

Most Christian bookstore owners spend a lot of time doing ministry--talking to people about their circumstances and trying to find the right books to meet the needs of the person or the one the customer is shopping for. They know there is a need for books that address chronic illness, but they don't know we exist. We had a lot of happy bookstore owners last year when they found out about Rest Ministries!

I will be signing books at booths 1428 (Christian Small Publishers Association) and likely 2127 (Christian Leaders Authors Speakers Services). Times will be posted at the Rest Publishers web site as soon as I know them. If the bookstore owner pre-registers for ICRS they will likely get a postcard from me before the event too!

And if they aren't going? No big deal! We'd be happy to send them information about our books and marketing materials for National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week.

Thanks in advance!


Take our Poll! Some weeks we will have a poll and whenever we do we will randomly choose a winner and mail you a book or other special gift.

We had 52 people respond to our question last week, "Do you have dreams of running or doing things you did before your illness?" Wow! Last week's winner for a free book is Tina C at email tjc.... We'll ship it right out!

Tina shares, "Yes, I often dream of water-skiing and boating like my family used to do. Since being diagnosed with MS I haven't been able to do some things I used to do in the past! The fatigue is so great sometimes it's an effort to get dressed!"

We were inspired with Janice's comments, "I have tried to keep on going. I have traveled all over the world ministering to missionaries and nationals. Before every trip I become very anxious and have bad dreams about not making it through an airport. This has been so strong that I would quit if I didn't have the prayers of many supporting me. I always find that God protects me, lifts me up, gives me rest and gets me through with incredible ease. He has never let me down."

And we could all use a reminder of the lesson Mary shared, " I have decided that I need a new dream. The new dream is how I live with my illness and calm the frenzied lifestyle I have been leading. Less frenzy, means less up and down with my illness. I do NOT have to do it all anymore." Yay, Mary! Illness definitely has a way of readjusting our priorities.

We'll soon feature all of the feedback somewhere on our new web page. We'll keep you posted with a link!

Take the Poll - you could win a prize!
We'll announce the weekly winners here too.

Headlines often say someone "beat" their illness. American Idol Judge Randy Jackson is on the cover of numerous magazines this month, some with headlines that he "beat diabetes." Other celebrities "beat cancer."

When you read this how do you feel? Inspired or disheartened?

> Answer

 When we have been wounded by the Church, our temptation is to reject it. But when we reject the Church it becomes very hard for us to keep in touch with the living Christ. When we say, 'I love Jesus, but I hate the Church,' we end up losing not only the Church but Jesus too.

The challenge is to forgive the Church. This challenge is especially great because the Church seldom asks us for forgiveness, at least not officially. But the Church as an often fallible human organization needs our forgiveness, while the Church as the living Christ among us continues to offer us forgiveness.

It is important to think about the Church not as 'over there' but as a community of struggling, weak people of whom we are part and in whom we meet our Lord and Redeemer." - Henry Nouwen

Did you know we really need your prayers? In the last few months we've had volunteers who have suffered heart attacks, lost their home, lost a loved one, had additional illnesses diagnosed and more.

Thank you specifically for prayers for Denny who is a devotional writer, Anne who is coordinator of Share and Prayer and fell and broke her hip, and Carolann.

Our ministry is blessed, but at the same time we have computer crashes, administrative issues and all kinds of things that just remind us that though God is in control, the enemy desperately wants to slow us down! We have a great list of things you can pray for us about for 2008. Print it out here and stick it in your Bible or on your fridge, and remember us, okay? It's very appreciated!

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