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Lisa's Latest Article:
7 Highly Effective Habits of
Happy People With Illness

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Idea!

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We could love this any more. Lisa has taken to using hers as her purse, but it's the perfect size to throw a Bible and notebook in for a meeting or for whatever you want to look stylish carrying.

This is a heavy-duty quality bag--not flimsy--but a 600-denier polyester (I know... who knows what that is like, huh? Trust me, it's sturdy. If you don't like it you can always send it back.)

We got a lot of wonderful feedback from these at our recent exhibit!

Details! We know you need them...

  • Big interior zip pocket holds cash, makeup, pens, business cards and more.
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  • Size: 8-1/2" x 16" x 5"

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Wondering About Your Stimulus Check?

Thursday, 5/1/08 UPDATE: Rebate Checks now going out!

The IRS is ahead of schedule and has now begun sending out the Stimulus Rebates.

The IRS says it began Direct Deposits of Rebate Checks Monday morning, to people whose Social Security Number ends in 00 through 20.

SS ends with 21-75? You'll get your deposit starting Monday May 5th.

SS ending in 76-99? You'll receive yours starting Monday May 12th.

However, if you receive your annual tax refund by mail, you'll have to wait: Your rebate check will be mailed between May15th and July 11th

Find more questions answered at the IRS web site

Warning: The IRS is warning about an epidemic of bogus e-mails designed to steal your Social Security number or Bank Account number.

These e-mails appear to come from "" and typically contain the IRS logo. They tell you to speed up your tax refund or stimulus check, you should register online. This is a scam to steal your identity.

The IRS will never e-mail you for information. Never give personal numbers in reponse to any e-mail, even if it appears to be from your bank or a government agency.

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The cost is just 6-bucks and your link will appear at the top and then move on down as more people participate.

With so many people asking us how to help spread the word about their books, blogs, chats, web sites, etc. we thought this was an easy way (and really inexpensive compared to most advertising costs) to help people at RM know what you have to offer!

Want to participate? Just click here and scroll down to the graphic on the left side of the screen! We'll soon have a few of them in our new web site in different niche areas. We hope are readers will find new resources and those that have them can reach more people on small budgets.

We kicked it off with a link to the Comfort Zone Bookstore!





Hi Friends,
Josh, Lisa's Son @ Sea World

This week has zoomed by in some ways. Other days I've wondered if the day would ever end. Monday morning kicked off with a trip to Sea World with my son's preschool class (a required outing for all parents.) I so wanted to go, but it was still a challenge. We had to be there at 9 a.m., clear across town in rush hour traffic. We got there and it was the hottest day of the year. I took Josh's stroller simply to have something to lean on. On the way there one of my knees had some broken pieces of bone move inot a painful place and halfway through the park the other one went out. I limped along and tried to keep up with everyone else. I made it thanks to extra prednisone and a whole lot of determination (and answered prayer!)

The good news is Josh asked for cotton candy, and since we're in food therapy, and he's never even been interested in candy, I grabbed a bag and he actually chomped down--loved it even! I wanted to stand up at the Sea Lion show and yell, "My son is eating cotton candy! This is major progress after months of food therapy!" Instead, I hid the bag between my legs and acted like it was perfectly fine to eat cotton candy at 10:30 in the morning while other kids were eating apple slices and string cheese (Josh has never eaten any of those things.) I don't think the teacher saw that he wasn't eating "grow food."

We were home by 2 pm, but I noticed the car smelled like it was burning and I couldn't write it off as simply the hot sun baking my car. By Tuesday we'd dropped the car off at the Ford dealership to have them scrape the orange construction bag off my exhaust pipe that had blown under my car on the way to Sea World.

In the midst of everything a friend came through to help me get Rest Ministries orders out, pick up Josh, and then my car. So I was able to avoid getting rental car (which is always good since I can't install the car seat) Yesterday I surprised my disobeying (one time too many) son by turning the hose on him for a few seconds. Hey, it was 80 degrees and I gave him fair warning.

I escaped last night and went and sat in a movie theater by myself (which I love) for a good giggle ("Baby Mama").

Psalm 5:1 says, "Give ear to my words, O Lord, consider my sighing." Some weeks God provides comfort; sometimes peace; sometimes relief. But some days we just want a bit a sympathy. . . for him to consider our sighing. When everyone around us is tired of listening to us, thank goodness God never is!

Love you.
May He consider your sighing!

Lisa's signature


Lisa Copen
Rest Ministries Director and Founder

PS: I wanted to let you know, the Cuddle Ewe mattress tops are going to raise their prices after Mother's Day. I've had one of these on my bed for years and it's made all the difference in my quality of sleep--enough so that a couple years ago I bought the travel version too so I can now actally sleep while on vacation. You can purchase them through Amazon here and then Rest Ministries gets a percentage of the sale price too. So it may be something to consider using part of your stiumulus check from the government for. Anything that makes me sleep better impacts my whole quality of life.


Hoping for New Web Site By Monday
Lisa's got the new web site done (pretty much!) and is just waiting to hear back from one "support center" about the navigation that isn't working quite right yet. But we are so excited for you to see what's in store. Also...

Are You an Expert in an Illness Area?
We have different pages such as moms with illness, dads with illness, ill teens, helping out an ill co-worker, etc. If you are an expert in an area you see on our web site once it is up next week, let us know. We are looking for someone to write an article to be featured on each niche page. We'd also be interested in having you as a guest blogger. Watch next week's newsletter for details.

Have You Ordered Something From RM Lately?
Lisa was a few days behind while her sis was visiting but she's all caught up and orders are on their way. Anything ordered recently was shipped on Tuesday via first class or priority mail.

hopekeepers Magazine Updates
Wondering if an issue is heading your way? You can click here to see. If you want one and aren't on the list, you can get one by ordering anything in our store (even a $.50 item) and we'll stick one in your envelope.



Did you know our web site has hundreds of pages of information? Lisa is nearly done with a complete overhaul of the web site and we'll use this place to let you know about pages, articles and other resources you may not even know exist on our web site!

Be sure to visit our Sunroom to join in for some excellent discussions!

And 35 people have signed up who are looking for a pen pal! Want to make a new friend who "speaks your language" and doesn't laugh when you say you're too tired to do the dishes (and you actually have a dishwasher)? What are you waiting for? Head on over to our pen pal group and see if anyone's profile sounds like a good fit!

Here are a few topics people blogged on this week.

I love coming here because I don't have to feel self-conscious about not feeling well and I especially love this forum because the people are so positive within their circumstances! My nest will be empty fairly soon - My daughter is getting married this Oct, and my middle son the following May, 2009. I still will have one at home but he is graduating (God provide) this June and will be working full-time. My husband travels a bit and I am so thankful to be able to come here when I can't leave the house!

Tonight I can feel myself tottering on the edge of depression - not really there, but unsettled and almost worried. It's been what I call an "okay" day - not too much pain, at least one small thing accomplished, pj's on and ready for bed. But I can feel myself lingering over small worries, picking at things I've said or left unsaid, things I've wanted to do but couldn't or just plain didn't. Somehow stuck in my own stubborness - defiantly falling into the trap set by the enemy ... and myself.

I thought I was strong but every now and then I do become week. That proves that I am not perfect and it's okay to face that fact. I am coming along much better than I was on Saturday. Now it is Monday and I have made some progress. I am still growing but once I remember to read and listen to encouraging things I know that I would be fine.

We want to thank everyone who is participating for just "getting real" in our Sunroom. It's a place where we can pray and turn to God for strength, but we also don't have to pretend that life is easy or that there aren't dark moments, even within our faith. You're making a ministry that is amazing and life-changing for everyone who enters our web site!


Sheila Shares How Her Friendships
at Rest Ministries Have Pulled Her
Through Tough Times

My name is Sheila and I tuned 50 in November of this year and am so happy to of made it to this great turning point--and that is truthful. It wasn't so about a year ago when I was once again facing major surgery for damage caused by having Chiari Malformation. I have this disorder of the brain where my brain is l too big for my skull and it spills into my spine...

> read more of Sheila's thankfulness for friendships are Rest Ministries here

We need your stories! We know many of you have shared them with others in different areas of our web site. Please share a bit about yourself, what illness is teaching you, your struggles, whatever!

> Click here to submit your own story

"If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him." -James 1:5


Does Your Doctor's Office Smell... Good?
It probably does it you're there at lunch time because lots of offices accept the free lunches that drug reps bring them nearly every day! If that just gets under your skin you can find a database of health care professionals who have pledged to accept no gifts from the pharmaceutical lindustry and to rely on non-promotional sources of information at The No Free Lunch Directory. Evidence suggests that the acceptance of gifts and use of promotional information may lead to inappropriate prescribing. Anoher clue if your physican dodges the reps' free lunches-- you won't see a waiting room full of branded clocks, pens, and notepads either. (Sadly, we couldn't find any listed in our neck of the woods in San Diego.)

Woman Walks to Bring Awareness to Pain
Sirena Dufault was hit by a car while walking across a street in January 1997 during her final semester at University of Arizona. She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and spent most of ten years in bed due to pain and fatigue. In February she will began an 800-mile hike along the Arizona Trail. To track her progress, visit her website for trail journal/blog entries, pictures and videos.

Feeling Inept at the Computer Sometimes?
Don't sweat it! A quarter of Internet users said they wanted to search Google for something, but when placed in front of a computer, couldn’t figure it out. “Instead, they either completely failed to get to any search engine or ended up running their query on a different search engine — usually whatever type-in field happened to be at hand.” If you're looking to learn how to better use the internet or some shortcuts to what you already know, check out the web site Intenet Tutorials.


Coming Soon! Honestly!

Log on at the Hope Endures web site to hear the broadcast. You can either listen to it online, with your MP3 or ipod player, or... you can call a phone number and listen to it over the phone. Stay tuned... because once we have a selection of shows they will also be available on CD.


Bonnie at CoffeeTime Shares Her Thanks
You and the team are such a blessing, such a life savor, mood maker. I know that God will bless you each in a huge way. People living in pain can't depend on many to "understand" yet here is a haven for us, You are needed so bad. I wish the world know about you. I for one, need and appreciate you (and all who make Rest Ministries) what it is. I know hundreds of others whom feel the same way. Thank you for caring, Bonnie

Another member of our family says...
I just was on your site and held back my tears of joy.I was looking up another ministry that i have been involved with and saw yours listed for those with chronic pain.Praise God for your courage to step out and help others. THANK YOU a million times over would not be enough. -D.

Thank you for your YouTube Comments!
Whoo-wee! Thanks to the 9 that stopped by our video last week and wrote a review. You are awesome! Anyone can still go to the web site and share your remarks. It helps us be found much easier on Google and YouTube! And be sure to click on the little "thumbs up" buttons that the reviews were helpful. That helps us rank even better too!

And you thought you were bored!


After a successful 6-month stay at the Syracuse Museum of Science & Technology, Toothpick City was finally purchased by an attraction in Mallorca, Spain. Toothpick City now boasts more than two million toothpicks of scale replica structures from around the world. All of the structures are hollow with a bare minimum of toothpick supports.

> Have something silly to share?


People are always asking, "How can I help Rest Ministries?" With the internet, it's easy to help spread the word. With just a few of us working together to write a review someone or "Stumble Upon" an article, Rest Ministries can gain tons of exposure without having to spend a dime! We'll share a suggestion here each week, where if you can take a minute it will help us reach more people!

Make a donation. Even if it's just $2 it helps us out! Lisa is just about done with the brand new web site which would have cost about $30,000 had she paid someone else to do it, but she has donated her time in order to keep Rest Ministries growing. But we do have debt and lots of printing costs coming up since we're running out of our books. We know that most people on our mailing list have financial stresses, so we very rarely send out a donation request letter. But that doesn't mean your gifts aren't needed or appreciated.

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Take our Poll! Some weeks we will have a poll and whenever we do we will randomly choose a winner and mail you a book or other special gift.

The last two weeks we asked the same poll question and still just had 4 responses: Have you found a weight loss program that has worked for you despite having a chronic illness and perhaps being on "weight-gaining" medications? Will you share your story and tips with us?

So we're assuming their are some frustrated people out there who have not found that weight loss program that works, despite medication. Out of the 4 responses, 2 said they'd not discovered a weight loss secret.

Pat says, "I have really cut back on carbs, trying to stay around 20-30. I have lost 45 pounds. I also have found that if I don't diet on Sundays, not pigging out but having some ice cream or something special that I do better than never allowing treats."

Sabine gave us a great description of what has worked for her. We're including all her comment, starting below and then read the rest on our blog. Sabine, we'll be sending you a free book for taking the time to answer our survey!

"I have had to watch my weight since I was 15 years old and have tried many different diets and ways of eating. I am almost 53 years old now and my BMI is at the upper limit of normal. I am once again doing the one thing that has helped me lose/maintain my weight in the past. Counting calories.

Every time I have stopped counting calories to try some other method of keeping my weight down, I have gained weight. I know this is a discipline I will probably..."

> read more on the blog

Take the Poll - you could win a prize!
We'll announce the weekly winners here too.

This is for both men and women! What could the "retreat planners" do at your church to help make it easier for you to attend and enjoy yourself?

We know that a lot of retreats are impossible or difficult to attend. Long hillside walks, hard metal folding chairs, beds that feel like boards. What do you do to be able to go and what could the planners do to make it more accessible?

We will be writing an article for retreat planners including your ideas. And we will also be sharing it with Jennifer Rothschild's ministry who recently had someone ask about including people in retreats with illness.

> Answer

 The fact that disabled people hang in there does something for Christians. It's not about being an inspiration for others, it more than that.... it's a mystery. God somehow strengthens others by their faithfulness. They may feel like a burden to others, but God thinks the opposite.

He thinks its necessary for others to take care of the disabled... they do more for one's spiritual well being than can be imagined. What's more is that it's all being credited to the disabled person's account, per Phillipians 1:25-26. If the disabled person is alone and does not meet others, they must endure for the purpose of teaching the unseen powers, the rulers, and authorities in the heavenly realms about the powerful and all sustaining Lord," (Eph 3:10).

Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends
Reprinted from Daily Christian Quotes

Did you know we really need your prayers? In the last few months we've had volunteers who have suffered heart attacks, lost their home, lost a loved one, had additional illnesses diagnosed and more.

Our ministry is blessed, but at the same time we have computer crashes, administrative issues and all kinds of things that just remind us that though God is in control, the enemy desperately wants to slow us down! We have a great list of things you can pray for us about for 2008. Print it out here and stick it in your Bible or on your fridge, and remember us, okay? It's very appreciated!

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