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#74 - 9.28.09


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Invisible Illness Week Smashing Success!
Thanks to all of you who helped us with invisible Illness week in some way by spreading the word! Our virtual conference has had over 6,000 listeners so far! All our seminars can still be heard (they are archived!) here, at Blog Talk Radio or iTunes. Read more about II Week here.

Next HopeKeepers Magazine Coming Soon

Lisa is working on HopeKeepres Magazine and plans to have it out and available to read online or print in the next 1-2 weeks. Not a subscriber? You can read 18 sample pages from the last one or order the next one for just $5 here.

Do You Live in the San Diego Area?
We're getting together! Email Lisa for details, but it will be in the Poway/Carmel Ranch area off I-15 in the next couple of weeks. Lisa would love to get to know some of you better, and wants to find out good times that work for you.

Listen to Lisa and Joel (her husband) as she interviews him for Invisible Illness Week
on being a spouse/husband/caregiver. We've been told is fun and we also ended our interview with a man we had the privilege to pray with.

Lisa CopenHello, my friend,

I hope you are having a blessed week. I know that some days it can all seem like more than we can bear. Those are the times I just hang on and try to "choose joy."

I can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me through Invisible Illness Week: the emails of encouragement, the countless prayers, and even the Re-Tweets or Facebook posts to help us spread the word. Information on how to access the archived programs is above, so don't forget that you if you missed a program, it's not too late to go back and listen. (Aren't "virtual conferences" great?)

Since the conference I've had one word keep coming back to me: Simplify!

I've been praying for a few months how the Lord would direct our ministry, because I am tired. Tired of working endlessly and feeling like life beyond ministry is always in "Catch Up" mode. I long to get back to writing and have a few books half done. I would like to get to know some of you who live here locally in San Diego. I want to make sure our volunteers feel needed and appreciated, but not overwhelmed.

After 1 day of feeling refreshed the doctor (the actual doctor, never a good sign) called me at 6:30 p.m. to tell me my chest x-rays had a "shadow." No, Lord! I need more than a day! I waned to scream. It was the exact day last year my hand surgery was canceled due to cellulitis. It didn't take long to remember the scripture, "In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps." Proverbs 16:9. Even when we are seeking the Lord, how quickly things can change to something we'd not planned on. Thankfully, the next x-ray seems okay, but I am still learning more about rheumatoid nodules in the lungs.Thank you to those of you who prayed for me.

I don't need to tell you simplifying one's life is a "work in progress" but since the conference I have been reading Marcia Ramsland's book Simplify Your Life and praying about what God would have me prioritize. I had a heart-to-heart talk with my husband about doing more ministry things together. I even got my son enrolled in AWANAs and he is loving it!

I'm taking baby steps, but here are a few things I've done so far:

  • I bought a big 2-inch thick planner/organizer. I love technology, but who am I kidding? I love sticky notes more and you can buy a lot of sticky notes for the monthly fee of an iPhone. Our theory is if it's not on THIS calendar it doesn't exist!
  • I cleaned off all the junk and old tags from my key chain
  • I made doctor's appointment that need to take place.
  • I organized my son's school lunches and his homework area.
  • I bought a cute little door hanger that you put notes in to remember before you leave.

And in trying to follow some of my long-term dreams, I am asking you to contact me if you live in San Diego and would like to try to plan a time for a bunch of us to get together for lunch or something (see blue box at top of newsletter) and I spent a few hours reviewing what I've done so far on my Christian mom with illness book. If you interested you may want to sign up for the group to give feedback:

Some of you are in the midst of crisis and simplifying your life has not been an indulgent choice, but a way of life thrust upon you in an economic or personal crisis. I read your posts and I pray that God will provide comfort and peace, and not just spiritually, but physically too. I don't understand our world and why some must suffer more than others. But I thank you for allowing me to share my journey, and I hope you always know we want to hear about (and pray about ) your journey too. I encourage you to join the Sunroom to find others who understand.

Here is the blurb about the mom book...

    Are you a Christian mom witha chronic illness who has kids under 10 or just remembers having kids under 10? If so, you may want to consider adding your input to my new book for chronically ill Christian moms. If you sign up for this "group" Christian Moms with Illness Book Team you will only be notified of what I am looking for for the goobook: example, anecdotes, advice, your stories, etc. Your replies will not be public, and this s not a group where you will send emails to other members. It's just a "tool" to be able to reach you and I will let you know if your suggestions make it into the book! (PS: We're looking for moms who also have the illness but may be the caregiver for someone else, moms with illness who have ill kids, single moms, whoever!) If you are a mom and you have an illness you qualify.

    God bless,

    Lisa Copen
    Rest Ministries Director


Want to Volunteer?
Lisa is looking for people who are able to visit different areas of the Rest Ministries web site each week and generally make sure (1) people feel welcome and cared for (2) that you can help her find people who definitely need follow up.

Thank You for Joel's Bday Wishes!
Lisa's husband received over 75 pages of encouragement and thank yous and he was speechless when I handed it to him. Thank you from Lisa. It meant the world to both of them!
Do you "Not Tweet?"
No problem! But Lisa does share all kinds of tidbits of helpful resources, articles, news in 1-2 sentences only on Twitter, so be sure to read them at the web site. Just go to the "twitter" button on the top gray nav bar.
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