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#75 - 10.14.09


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Be sure to read the article posted on our web site today, interview with Carrie Carter, MD, who is an author... and a patient, coping with a daily chronic illness herself.
Thanks to Nurse Barb for a grat blog that also happened to feature Lisa's article, 12 Things Nurses Should Know About the Chronically Ill Patient (Part 1) (Part 2) recently!

Lisa CopenHello, my friend,

I hope you are having a blessed week. I know that some days it can all seem like more than we can bear. Those are the times I just hang on and try to "choose joy."

I've been trying to find balance in it all. My heart is working on my book for being a mom with a chronic illness. If you'd like to join ur group where you answer questions to help contribute to the book, just click here. As usual, when writing a book, God uses it to work on me.

So I've been trying to get organized in our own household with chore sheets, homework time, etc. And then balancing that with the unexpected. Saturday night my neck flared up and froze into place. I was out of it for a couple of days from taking a muscle relaxer to get it back into place. This week I have an appointment with the eye doctor because my vision in my right eye has gotten considerable worse recently. And next week I meet with the hand surgeon.

What I really want to do it put on a fuzzy sweater and go to the pumpkin patch. Or do an overhaul on my son's room--either have fun or get something done. It's hard when the body won't cooperate to do either one. I know you understand.

In the last couple months I was told I was diabetic, and then my next blood tests came back okay. I had a chest x-ray that showed a shadow, but the next xray came back okay. I did another test at the doctor's office that the lab lost, so I went back to get that one redone too. I am glad tests have resulted in being incorrect, but it is all such an emotional roller coaster, and it gets old doing every test over and over.

I want to encourage you to visit our new web site. I've put a lot of work into it keeping it updated with nearly daily posts and some informative as well as fun stuff too. Please feel free to leave comments on the articles or click "I like it!" so other people see the article too.

Recent posts include:

  • My Parents Don't Believe I am Ill
  • How has the New Age Movement Affected the Medical Field?
  • I’m a Chronically Ill Mom w/ Son w/ Autism
  • Hope Even When Horizontal
  • HopeKeeper Lesson Plan Ideas
  • Create Your Own White Noise to Sleep (for free)
  • Fibro Fog Funnies – Remember to Laugh!
  • Talking to Our Spouse About Our Illness: How Much is Too Much?
  • Forgiveness is Healthy for Body and Soul

I've been working on HopeKeepers Magazine too and should have it ready to read in the next few days! If you are a subscriber, watch your email for notficiation.

I will likely be sending out a flyer with some holiday specials for our store. We are in the great position of being low on two of our books - Beyond Casseroles and Why Can't I Make People Understand. But... we have to pay for printing costs and that's not in our budget right now. If you purchase some of our books in our store, you will help us be able to get our books to print to keep them available.

Here is the beginning of my interview with Dr. Carrie Carter:

Lisa Copen“I woke up feeling better than usual and I’m not a morning person. I was driving to work and pulled into the parking lot when everything around me began spinning so fast I couldn’t see anything and didn’t know where I was. I held onto the steering wheel and the pinwheel feeling lasted a few minutes. Finally it settled enough so that I could see the horizon and I pulled my car over. That was the last time I drove.”

Dr. Carrie Carter had spent years studying to become knowledgeable about medical conditions and nutritional supplements. But in the fall of 1999 she entered a new phase of education: the life of a person with a chronic illness. Diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, a chronic, incurable inner ear disorder, life changed dramatically.

But as author of Thrive: A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Lifestyle and Mom’s Health Matters (endorsed by MOPs), both released in 2003, God has redirected her life in a way she could not have imagined just five years ago. She brings us a unique perspective: That of a doctor who has listened to patients who looked fine but felt terrible. But also a doctor who feels poorly herself, but is told “Gosh, you look great! You must be doing so well!” [Note from editor: her newest book is A Woman's Guide to Good Health (2006)]

“There’s something in me,” shares Dr. Carter, “that rises up and wants to say, ‘but I’m still sick! I really am!’ I have a measure of health that varies in quantity and once I use it up, I’m done until it’s replenished—however long that takes. I want people to understand that and yet it shouldn’t matter what people think. . . But it does. It’s that in between place that is very weird.”

>Read the rest here of my interview with Dr. Carrie Carter


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Lisa Copen

When Your Doctor Has Bad News
An excellent Christian book published by Zondervan and a foreword by Joni Eareckson Tada

Lisa Copen

HOPE: The Best of Things

Joni Eareckson Tada

Lisa Copen

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