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#83 - 12.16.09


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Lisa Copen

Hello, my friend, [[firstname]]

Wow, seems like just yesterday I sent off the last message to you, and here we are again - another week has flown by! Funny how they drag when we are uncomfortable or in pain, yet, go quickly when there is something we need to do!

I hope that you have had some moments of joy. But maybe you are all out of joy. The holidays can be a really difficult time for many people. While everyone around us seems to be talking about parties and friends, gifts and dinners, we are on limited budgets, friends have thinned out, we can't afford to give many gifts (if any at all. . . ) It can be, simply. . . depressing!

If you have read some of the posts on my Twitter or Facebook page you know that I too suffer from the temptation to get frustrated over the challenges of living with a chronic illness. For example, when I posted a couple of weeks ago that I was going to have to have the splint on for two additional weeks someone wrote back, "I'm sure you will survive."

I told my mom, "I know I will survive. It's not as if I'm going to fall over dead on the sidewalk. It's just frustrating, painful, and very inconvenient."

There are times when no one can say the right thing. . . and then I am told at least someone is saying "something." But then the "somethings" are all emails zipped off. When it comes to needing a ride to physical therapy it's like asking someone to fly me to the moon.

(See what I mean about my "attitude"? It's all over the place!) It's times like this I wonder why on earth God has ever put me in a position to minister to others when I am so much more spiritually weak than you. I may complain about not being able to drive another month while many of you have not been able to drive for years.

As with any experience that I go through with my chronic condition, however, I pray that God will use it--not only glorify Him, but also for me to be more aware of how much each of you suffer with on a daily basis, and how you overcome it with an amazing sense of peace and positive attitude! Please know that it is because of your prayers and inspiration that I continue to take one day at a time, while also imagining what God can do with all of us to change the world.

Here is a quote I love from Nancie Guthrie's book, "Hearing Jesus Speak":

"To experience and exude peace when life is crashing down around you, to have the lightness of joy when the weight of sorrow is heavy, to be grateful for what God has given you when you've lost what is most precious to you-that is God at work on the interior of your life, on display in your life. It is the light of God piercing the darkness of this world.

Certainly all this is part of God's purpose for the suffering and sorrow in your life. Can you hear Jesus speaking into your sorrow, telling you that he has a purpose for your pain, a good purpose that will infuse your loss with meaning as you show the world the difference a connectedness to Jesus makes in the lowest places of life?"

Many of us have heard of Sheila Walsh. Maybe you once watched her as co-host of The 700 Club. Perhaps you've listened to her music, or have had the honor to hear her speak at one of the popular Women of Faith conferences.

In this video she shares her struggles with the real issues in life - depression, poverty and more. And these aren't issues from decades past, but just in the last few years. She shares how she would throw up on the plane every time she flew home from a Woman of Faith Conference because she didn't know what she was coming home to. Her family lost a great deal of money and she describes her husband's depression and how he just began to "disappear."

In this video Sheila Walsh is interviewed on Life Today by James and Betty Robison. They describe the video on as "Sheila accounts her recent struggles with marriage, finances and depression which are the impetus of the book 'Let Go.'

The events and revelations prior to, during and in the wake of these events are riveting. Her amazingly courageous testimony here...which culminated in a stunning and tearful revelation from her son Christian, paints an indelible portrait of sacrifice, trust, perseverance and forgiveness...the cornerstones of peace through Christ. I sincerely hope you find it as inspirational."

If you are suffering, or have a spouse who is going through a deep depression, this interview will surely bless and encourage you. The link is here:

If you are dealing with depression right now, I found an encouraging web page about depression at Christian Answers of "What should a Christian do if overwhelmed with depression?" at

Keeping you in prayer,

Lisa Copen, Rest Ministries Founder
Rest Ministries Chronic Illness Pain Support


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