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Cancer Resources, Organizations, and Support from a Christian Perspective


We know that cancer can be difficult and scary.

We hope you are able to find some support and encouragment at our web site and through our other programs.
We recommend
Prayer for Those with Cancer
Find a Doctor
Resources & Articles of Interest
My Friend Has Cancer. How Can I Help?
Secular Resources Worth Noting
We Recommend

"I remembered how lonely it felt to sit in a recliner and watch those toxic chemo fluids drip through my veins during treatment," she says. "I wanted to take away other patients' pain and give them peace, but I couldn't. Then God told me: You know the One who can. And you can tell them about me."
>read more at Today's Christian Woman

Cancer Patient Advocate is packed full of information from Lynn, including resources for professionals as well as patients. She is also author of When God and Cancer Meet, Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow: Hope Humor and Healing After Treatment, and a wonderful Bible available at Rest Ministries, called "He Cares." Visit her web site for tons of resources.

He Cares
This is a specialized version of the New Living Translation New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs from Tyndale House by Lynn Eib.

She shares, "No, I did not as my brother suggested 'rewrite the Bible!" Instead, as the special features author, I contributed an overview entitled "How Not to be Defeated by Illness;" book introductions; inspirational boxes related to specific Bible verses; and feature articles on such topics as "Families Facing Uncertain Times," "The Mind-Body Healing Connection," and "How Could God Let This Happen?"

>Buy here at Rest Ministries Comfort Zone Bookstores


Breast Friends
A non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for breast cancer patients.

CanCare of Houston, Inc.
An interfaith cancer support network that offers free, one-on-one, long-term emotional support to cancer patients and their families.

Cancer Recovery Foundation
Its programs are designed to optimally support medical treatment while providing a strategy for getting well and staying well . . . physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Chemo Angels
A volunteer group dedicated to adding a ray
of sunshine to the lives of those undergoing treatment for cancer.

Chemo Care: Information on Chemotherapy Drugs and Side Effects
Scott Hamilton's chemotherapy site offers the latest chemo information for cancer patients and their families, caregivers and friends. Outlines all you should know about chemotherapy and cancer treatment.

Dave Dravecky's Outreach of Hope
This ministry offers comfort, encouragement, and hope through Jesus Christ primarily to those who suffer from cancer or amputation. They provide prayer support, non-medical referral services and printed resources for cancer patients, amputees, and their families. They also publish The Encourager magazine four times annually and other support materials for churches, healthcare professionals, and individuals who work with those who are battling cancer or amputation.


Kids Konnected
A support for kids who have a parent with cancer. They have a 24-hour hotline, a free Teddy Bear Outreach program, on-line chat room and resources.

The Lydia Project
Provides tote bags to women undergoing cancer treatment.

Looking for a cancer support group with a Christian environment?
Go to the Patient Cancer Advocate web site and click on "support groups."

New Hope for Recoverers
A not-for-profit Christian cancer and support organization founded in 2001.

Praying through Cancer
A 90-day devotional for women


Find a Doctor

Prayer for Cancer  
A Prayer for Those Living with Cancer

Healing God,

All of us know people who have been touched by cancer.

Sometimes it's been those closest to our hearts.

Often it's been a neighbor, a co-worker or someone in the congregation.

On occasion, it's been us.

It has affected and changed the lives of every family among us.

When we look around we can name so many who have felt the pain of cancer's grip.

As a family of faith, a community of believers,

we lift our voices together on this day to announce our hope that with every new day before us there will be better news about this disease in our midst.

We pray for those who will be diagnosed, to find strength to deal with the news.

We pray for those who are making difficult decisions, to find guidance and discernment.

We pray for those who are feeling weak and who don't know if they can go on, to find strength and encouragement.

We pray for those who are anxious, lonely or scared, to find reassurance that they are in your caring hands and not left to face this alone.




We pray for those who are in healing professions, to find the wisdom and direction they need to help bring renewed life to those they serve.

We pray for those who give care at home, to find the compassion, understanding and energy they need to support those they know and love.

Most of all, we pray for everyone living with cancer to know the tremendous power of your healing love.

We ask that encouragement and hope be with them intimately on this journey.

Uplift them. Bring peace to them. Carry them. Deliver them.

Let them know that they can triumph. Instill in them a spirit that is

positive and that strives for survival.

Bring the truth to them that will bless them and set them free to live well and to place their lives in you.

In your good and gracious name we pray. Amen


Rev. Michael Gingerich is a United Methodist pastor and the Director of Program Services for Cancer Recovery Foundation, headquartered in Hershey, PA. He is the husband of a breast cancer survivor.

Resources & Articles of Interest

Abbey Press has a Cancer Support Care Kit, which has booklets to read and use for discussions at six meetings. These are not specifically Christian.

Don't Waste Your Cancer David Powlison, of the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation, who was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer, has added some helpful expansions to John Piper’s ten points.

Using Affliction to Comfort Others Four years ago Pamela was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer. Because her mother... [From Focus on the Family]

Conquering Gray's Peak Debilitating surgery. Cancer. God’s graciousness. Can those really go together? [From Focus on the Family]


Books of Interest to Those Living with Cancer

My Friend Has Cancer. How Can I Help?
  • Recognize that your friend is the same person she was before the diagnosis. Don’t treat her differently. Friends need your presence, not your pity.
  • Commit to daily prayer, and ask for specific requests. Call often.
  • Provide spiritual encouragement. Witness if she is lost, share Scriptures and insights if she is saved.
  • Realize cancer can be terminal. Be available to talk about the “what-ifs”.
    Always have hope, God is in control, He numbers our days, not the doctors.
  • Don’t offer medical advice. You can research options through major Medical Center or University web-sites and provide information to help her make informed decisions. Support her decisions, even if you disagree.
  • BE THERE! --Kay Hale, Clintwood, VA

The news headlines shown above for Cancer / Oncology
are provided courtesy of Medical News Today.
Secular Resources Worth Noting

American Cancer Society

Mamm Magazine
Launched in October 1997, it's debut marked the first consumer publication of its kind: a magazine devoted to meeting the needs of women diagnosed with breast and reproductive cancer.

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