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Living with
Sensory Processing Disorder or Sensory Integration



You will hear this condition called a multiple of things, including Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Integration Disorder. It is estimated that xx children live with this challenge, though it's not yet been acknowledged by the medical text books, often causing parents to feel like they've fallen into a black hole.
About the Illness




About the Illness


The Sensory Processing Disorder Resource Center

Start here for definitions on this condition, checklists, tools, books and lots more.


SPD Parent Share
This is a national network of volunteer Parent Support Hosts formed in order to share information, resources, awareness and support to SPD families. SHARE = Support, Help, Advocacy, Resources, Education. "It's not enough to prepare our children for the world... we must prepare the world for our children."

The Out of Sync Child
This is the web site of Carol Stock Kranowitz’s, author of The Out of Sync Child and a ground-breaking expert in this field. Her web site has a wealth of information.

Features the SPD Treatment Directory. This directory is designed to help meet the needs of people who are searching for services for children and adults with Sensory Processing Disorder. The directory includes nationwide listings of a wide variety of service providers who are experienced in working with people with SPD.

Sensory Resources

YahooGroup of Support for Moms and Dads

Listing of books to read - HAS ALL the books listed for different kinds of sensory issues

Cards to hand out to people who stare when your child is having a bad moment

Tons of articles to help your child with sensory integration issues, including an interview with Carol Kranowitz, author of the popular book The Out of Sync Child.

S.I. FOCUS Magazine
The international magazine focusing on sensory integration. Four issues a year, filled with great success stories, clinical breakthroughs, therapy techniques and in-depth interviews to keep you informed. S.I. Focus also features an on-line store with new products, books, clothing and other items especially chosen with your needs in mind. Publisher: Kathleen Morris, Editor-in-Chief: Carol Kranowitz.
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Sensory Integration International
Sensory integration research and training for occupational therapists.

Additional resources


Theragifts | Sensory Comfort | Sensory Resources (sign up for catalog)


This is one category where our founder, Lisa, actually owns
about 90% of these books and can whole-heartedly recommend
them if your child deals with sensory issues.

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