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Each year, many National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week partners are participating in innovative and creative ways to create a growing awareness that most chronic illnesses are invisible. We invite you to participate in this important campaign.

There are two official levels of involvement:
  1. A partner (FREE! Basically says you want to help out in any way possible.)
  2. An official sponsor. Fee-based for exposure of your support through advertisements and more


Sign up for our updates for invisible Illess Week and you are considered "a partner." THIS IS FREE. It helps us know about how many people are actively involved in our grassroots efforts and lets us be able to get you news about upcoming events and happenings. Click here to sign up and receive our II Week Updates.

While partnership in the campaign is free, programming by partner organizations is undertaken at their own expense. (If you plan an event, we don't currently have the funds to pay for it for you -- sorry!)

Anyone may participate in any way they desire. Individuals are welcome to fill out the form below to be listed as a partner with us, but it's not required.

Partners participate in a variety of levels: for example. .

  • you may endorse the campaign by sharing information with the public in your newsletter or on your web site
  • you may initiate programs such as public lectures
  • you may give a testimony at a church or organize others doing so
  • you may just pass out brochures
  • you may request a proclamation from your government official

Rest Ministries and HopeKeepers Magazine provides you, as a partner, with many resources and services including a comprehensive campaign website, an online calendar of public events, National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week logos and artwork, educational links and materials, suggestions for activities, and tips for dealing with the media.

Once your registration is approved, you can post your events on the International Calendar of Events and take advantage of other resources and services available to partners.

We hope you will join us!


Sign up here (below) to be a sponsor.

A sponsor commits to giving a miniumum donation of $150. As our thanks you will receive:

  • Ad space, rotating with other ads, to the right of this area, on the entire web site. It is 200 pixels wide by 250 pixels high. You can send it to us as a .gif or .jpg or we will design one for an additional $25 donation.
  • Your logo will also appear on the chat page during NICIA Week. We will have approximately 2-3 chats here per day with multiple visitors.
  • You can send us up to 200 brochures, flyers, or postcards for us to include in our orders of books that go out to Rest Ministries/HopeKeepers customers. Somewhere the piece must say, "sponsor of National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week." Please email/fax us the piece for approval before sending it.
  • A listing in a future issue of HopeKeepers Magazine that says, "Thank you to the following sponsors. . ." This is a hard-copy 64-page consumer magazine that goes out to about 10,000.
  • A listing in a future issue of HopeNotes that says, "Thank you to the following sponsors. . ." This is an e-zine that goes out to about 10,000 people.
  • We encourage you to send us a query on any article(s) you may like to have considered for this web site. Then we can also publicize your article in HopeNotes with a link back to it and on to your web site.

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National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week ™ is an official annual campaign sponsored by Rest Ministries
in collaboration with other sponsors. All information is Copyrighted, 2008, however, copies can be made and freely distributed as designed for and intended for advocacy partners for the purpose of representing National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week ™. If you have any questions, please email us for clarification.