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Tell us how you plan to help! We'll be giving prizes away weekly!

Welcome to the 2008 Invisible Illness Week Conference!

General Information | Schedule of Events

Print out this cute little desk topper to encourage you this week
Registration just takes a minute and you'll be entered to win some prizes!

A special bookmark
Keep your notes this week on our fun stationary with the logo and the link to where all the speakers can be heard. Great for easy reference.


  • MEET OUR GUESTS! Find out the times of presentation, topics, about them, and the amazing ways they have supported our efforts! Links to their blogs, their web sites, the prizes they have donated. We couldn't do it without them and they have all donated their time as well!

  • There will be 4 seminars per day (M-F, Sept 8-12) Times are 9 a.m., 12 noon, 3 p.m. and 5:30 pm. pacific time, USA. Click here for a time zone converter.

  • For fast reference of seminars by the day see below.

  • Each seminar will be conducted via Blog Talk Radio for 45 minutes. (Approximately half presentation, half Q/A)

  • You can log on to each seminar here, at this web page. Another easy way to remember it is it at the domain name:

  • There will be a phone number you can call and ask the guest speaker a question, or you can send in your question via the "chat function."

  • Please note: all conferences will be recorded and available online for free the week after Invisible Illness Week as an MP3 file, or perhaps sooner. We may also put together a CD of all conferences that will be available for a small fee.
We're sure you will find so much helpful information during this week and be sure to make it a priority to take a few minutes to visit some of our "speakers" web sites or purchase their books. All of them have donated their time, preparation and resources just to encourage you!

"I would never be able to attend in person due to expenses and because I don't travel well. Plus all the walking involved to get from one place to another would make it difficult for me to attend. With a virtual conference all of that is eliminated! No stress of getting to the right room by the right time." Carrie Crews, lives with Migraines, Chronic Daily Headache, Fibromyalgia

"There is no way at my age that I could travel and still be on my feet for a conference. Nor can I be in beds where fabric softener and/or bleach might have been used in the sheets and towels, due to a chemical illness I have. There are many other reasons why this type of conference being available to me will be beneficial, and it is hard to put it all in one sentence." Alice Ervin

"This is a once-on-a-lifetime opportunity for me to hear these speakers. I have no energy to go to a conference." Elizabeth Volkart, lives with CFIDS, FMS, Meniere's, Hashimoto's, Apnea

"Having conferences available to listen to is like a miracle to me! I no longer have to miss opportunities due to financial difficulties or inability to travel. I can't wait!" Kimberly Strange, lives with neuropathic pain in legs post back surgery

"I've never been involved in a conference like this, but it is a wonderful idea and a fantastic blessing for those of us who wish we could attend in person but can't afford it, can't travel that far, and absolutely can't sit that long in a conference." Julie Garner, lives with Fibromyalgia

"I feel that this will be a very special help for all of us who suffer from several afflictions. I plan to share this information with others I know that are suffering too." Doug Bolton, lives with Stenosis of the spine, heart disease, chronic back pain


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National Invisible Chronic Illness Awareness Week ™ is an official annual campaign sponsored by Rest Ministries
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