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Post a Poster

Remember to always ask permission if necessary

  1. Local hospital's bulletin board
  2. Doctor's office waiting room
  3. Church bulletin board
  4. School bulletin boards (kids are ill too!)
  5. Alternative medicine offices, such as acupuncture
  6. Grocery store bulletin boards
  7. College campus bulletin boards
  8. Christian bookstore bulletin boards
  9. Local bookstores (Remind them to have a display of chronic illness books this week!)
  10. Health food stores bulletin boards
  11. Send them to medical organizations
  12. Pharmacy bulletin boards
  13. Library
  14. Pool
  15. Coffee shops with message boards
  16. Send copies to your local support groups
  17. Send a copy to local health reporters with a press release
  18. Message board at your place of employment
  19. Senior Centers
  20. Church's bookstore or coffee house






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