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Connecting with Others who
Live with Chronic Illness at Rest Ministries

We aren't meant to "do" this journey alone. It takes just moments to connect with someone who shares your faith and journey of chronic illness and daily pain. They've been there. They've heard it. They've prayed it. And now... they're here to encourage you!

Did you know...?
People who use their religious
faith to cope are significantly less depressed, even when taking into account the severity of their physical illness. In fact, the clinical effects of religious
coping showed the strongest benefit among those with severe physical disability.
How do I Connect with Other People?

You might start with our Rest Ministries Sunroom. There we have pen pals, groups for various illnesses, groups of encouragement, groups for parents such as moms with illness, dads with illness, adoptive parents with illness, parents of a chronically ill child, just men, share and prayer and many more. We re

We recommend first signing up for our daily devotionals [easy way | more info ] and hopenotes (and you'll get a free issue of hopekeepers Magazine!) [easy way | more info] And don't forget to at least drop by our Sunroom. You may never want to leave!


Yahoo Groups!

If a Yahoo Groups setting with emails going back and forth between member is what you are looking for, these programs are to the right.


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