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Share and Prayer Group

Share and Prayer is a group of men and women that live with chronic illness and are interested in communicating with others who live in similar circumstances.

About Splashes of Joy
A Note from the Coordinator, Anne
About Share and Prayer

You will find a warm and welcome environment of people who will reach out to you wherever you are at in the illness journey -- whether you are in the beginning stages of illness or a long-term survivor; whether you are dealing with anger at God, or acceptance of the "thorn."

We invite you to get to know this incredible group of people that will provide friendships you never could have imagined. Live in Australia? Join our Oz Share and Prayer.

Please note: Share and Prayer has BOTH a message board and an email discussion list. To sign up for the email discussion list send a blank email to: shareandprayer2-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Post at the Share & Prayer Mesage Board

Share and Prayer has a group in the Sunroom!

Share and Prayer is more than just another email list group or bulletin board--it is literally a life saver for those who are in desperation. Living with endless pain, fatigue, and illness is a very difficult, and often lonely road.

There are days that the love, encouragement and prayers of my on-line family at Share and Prayer are a life-line that keep me from drowning in my pain. Most importantly, here I am repeatedly encouraged by my brothers and sisters in Christ to look to the Lord for help and to rest my burdens at His feet. Praise God for the way He uses this ministry to bring the hurting to Him!



A Note from the Coordinator, Anne

I chose to volunteer for Rest Ministries as the Share and Prayer Email Coordinator because though there are many support environments in the medical world, there are few that are in a Christian atmosphere or for people who are interested in learning more about Christ.

We support each other and understand each others problems of coping with pain. Share and prayer provides a place to vent, support and uplift, and pray together, giving glory to God.

Having many chronic illnesses myself, I am well aware of its importance. I felt that the Lord was calling me to this ministry long before I was aware of Rest Ministries. I consistently saw the need when hurting people would ask for prayer and others would judge them harshly or tell them to pray more. I don't feel as though I am doing anything special. I am just serving my Lord.





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