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Being a Mom and Parenting When You Have a Chronic Illness or Disability
Whether you have yet to decide whether to be a parent, or you have three children all grown, you probably have spent some time wondering about the affect of your illness on your child (or child-to-someday-be).

Although the limitations of illness can be devastating, there are many, many people who have shared that becoming a parent was worth it all: the stares as you parked in a disabled parking spot and then got out the stroller, the times you had to watch by the sidelines instead of participating, or that school play that you missed because you were recovering from surgery.

Unfortunately, there aren't a great deal of resources out there for families dealing with chronic illness or the young woman who is concerned about how she will lift a child, or the father who is an emotional wreck because he can't throw a ball with his son. We have just recently began to take a closer look at parenting and we hope that you will enjoy what we have collected so far.

Family Resource
Web Site of Moms Who Live with Illness and Blog About it, etc
Book Ideas for Parents Who Are Ill
Parenting Resources When You Have An Illness or Disability
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Family Resources
A multitude of resources for the family and the child.

Family Discipleship Ministries
Excellent parenting DVD available based on a workshop Rest Ministries founder, Lisa, attended. Excellent! They equip and support Christian churches, enabling them to meet the needs of families in their congregations. Their resources have been developed to help Christian churches understand the value in discipling Christians in all areas, raising up and inspiring Christians in congregations to disciple one another in the most important ministry we will ever have, our family!

Family Life Today
A Christian family organization

Focus on the Family
A Christian family organization

MOPS Mothers of Preschoolers

A Christian mom group with young children (don't have to be preschooler age)

Moms in Touch
A Christian mom organization for moms who want to pray together for their children.
Got questions? Visit for all kinds of answers for the questions your kids may ask to why God allows suffering to should spanking be part of discipline. You'll find lots of great information.

"I have two daughters and I no longer drive so it becomes difficult to get them from here to there-- and it has becomes embarrassing to me. Parenting is a whole different deal once you have a diagnoses of a chronic illness. For ten years we've been trying to find a doctor who could say anything other than "Have you seen a psychiatrist yet?"

When the diagnosis came in, everything changed. My whole parenting strategy has had to change to counteract the difference in my family's feelings. This has been difficult because I still am the Mom and they are the children. My favorite saying to my oldest daughter is, 'Not the Mommy.'" J.W.
Web Site of Moms Who Live with Illness and Blog About it, etc
Blog: Mothering from Day to Day
This mom of 2 children has been married for sixteen years and has lived with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome for fifteen years. She enjoys helping other moms with mothering day to day while managing symptoms from chronic illnesses.
Book Ideas for Parents Who Are Ill

Parenting Resources When You Have An Illness or Disability
Parenting with a Disability Bulletin Board
(Read only)
Through the Looking Glass - National Resource Center for Parents with Disabilities (A program of TLGL)
Super Nanny
Though nothing specific for ill parents (come on, Jo!) there is loads of good advice, rewards charts, and more that may make your parenting job easier.
Parenting after Infertility Ministries
A Christian-based support ministry for those who have suffered through the heartache of infertility and/or loss and are now blessed to be called Mom. Whether you became a Mom through the gift of adoption, by a miracle pregnancy and birth, or if you are a foster Mom, PAI offers a safe place for you to share your joy and seek support from other moms.
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High Risk Pregnancy When You Have a Chronic Illness
Infertility Resources
Moms with a Chronic Illness
Dads with a Chronic Illness




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