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Patient Advocacy Resources While Living with Illness or Pain

Coping with chronic illness means that you will spend plenty of time dealing with the red tape of insurance papers, medical records, bills and more. Where do you start? We have a few resources to help you make sure you are receiving the rights you deserve.


In Debt?
Resources of Interest
Insurance Issues Advocacy

How to Play HMO Hardball
Based on the book by Robert D. Finney, Ph.D., M.S.W.

Fighting Back When Insurance Won't Pay
"If your insurer has delayed paying your claim for no good reason or has taken a position on your coverage that is contrary to the plain language of your insurance policy, it may indeed be acting in bad faith. Without knowing more about your case, however, it's hard to be sure that this applies..."


Institute on Independent Living
This is a policy development center specializing in consumer-driven policies for disabled peoples' self-determination, self-respect and dignity. They run a virtual library and interactive services for persons with extensive disabilities. They are experts in designing and implementing direct payment schemes for personal assistance services, mainstream taxi and assistive technology

A Patient's Bill of Rights
From the American Academy of Pain Management

Resources of Interest

Taking a Stand
Buy the book and download a free "How to Manage Your HealthCare." As a senior in high school, Janet lost the use of her legs following surgery. Janet's knee problems reoccurred when she was thirty-two. She was horrified to learn she had been a victim of medical negligence, fraud and concealment. Her additional surgeries had been attempts to correct the mistakes. This Christian woman has since become a voice for others who have suffered medical fraud. Assembly Bill 2571, borne out of her misfortunes, unanimously passed both the California Assembly and the Senate and was signed into state law on August 31, 2000. Her story, Taking a Stand, has motivated others to “take a stand.” Read her "life saving health tips."

There are a lot of reasons to not like film producer Michael Moore, but the film Sicko and his web site on updates of patients, etc. is worth watching by every American. Though some of the information may be slanted, it's still filled with facts and observances and will definately make you think!

Honest Medicine: My Dream for the Future (blog)
You may have seen Lee Einer in the movie "Sicko" Now he adds an important insider's perspective of how the insurance industry does whatever it takes to find an excuse not to cover its customers. His new column should help publicize more flaws in our private, profit-driven health care system.

The People's Medical Society
This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating YOU, the consumer, about health care and your medical rights;
America's largest nonprofit consumer health advocacy organization,


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