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Pregnancy When You Have a Chronic Illness or Disability
Pregnant with a chronic illness? We'd love to hear your stories!


Things to be aware of:

A perinatologist is an obstetrician who has subspecialized in the care of pregnant women and unborn babies. If you have a complicated pregnancy or one at high risk of having complications, you may be referred to one of these physicians. They are often the specialists who perform the level 2 or detailed ultrasound examination. To find out risks to unborn babies due to your medications, a perinatologist would be the doctor to talk to!

Conception and Pregnancy Resources
Medical Resources
Looking for a Christian Counselor?
Products for New Moms Who are Ill to Make Life Easier
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Conception and Pregnancy Resources

Carol's High Risk Pregnancy Diary

Helpful book: Taking Charge of Your Infertility- Toward Intimacy: Family Planning and Sexuality Concerns of Physically Disabled Women
Quality information about managing your high-risk pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy
Information on high risk pregnancy and what special care is required for mom and baby.

High Risk Pregnancy Support
A helpful website for anyone concerned about pregnancy and illness.

Moms on Bedrest
A place to chat.
- a website with information and support for the prevention of premature births

OBFOCUS: High Risk Pregnancy Directory of high risk pregnancy sites includes useful articles, calculators, and a pregnancy glossary written by qualified specialists.

Sidelines National Support Network Provides support for women with high-risk pregnancy, including information on practical issues.

Sidelines is a network of support groups across the country for women and their families experiencing complicated pregnancies.

What is High Risk Pregnancy and am I in that category?

Disability, Pregnancy, and Parenting International (DPPI). DPPI is published in the UK 4 times a year. Cost for North Amerian subscribers is $40 for professionals/institutions, $20 for individuals (mailing to private addresses only). To enable processing of US currency checks DPPI uses an intermediary: Auburn Press. Checks and money orders should be made payable to Auburn Press and sent with subscriber's information to: Auburn Press, 10500 Lexington Lane, Frankfort, Illinois 60423-2216, USA. Any original article accepted for publication earns a free year's subscription and DPPI encourages disabled parents to contribute!

Medical Resources
  • American Association of Pro-Life Gynecologists - A pro-life organization of physicians who specialize in gynecology. The website allows you to locate physicians in your area.
  • American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) - This website allows you to verify the board certification, status, and location of physicians certified by one or more of the 24 member boards of the ABMS.
  • Inciid - This organization, pronounced "Inside," offers a wealth of medical information, statistics, and resources on infertility. It also provides a state-by-state listing of specialists, including reproductive endocrinologist.
  • Christian Medical and Dental Association - This is the largest Christian-based medical association in North America. Their website offers a physician search feature for a variety of specialties, including infertility.
Looking for a Christian Counselor?
Christian Counseling

You may be able to find a Christian counselor through one of these organizations:
American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC)
Christian Association of Psychological Studies (CAPS)
Products for New Moms Who are Ill to Make Life Easier (a bit)


Having a baby? Families dealing with chronic illness may need
even a few more extra baby gadgets! We put together some
of our favorite items to make a chronically ill mom's
life a bit easier!
Please let us know if you have a
product to recommend.


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Moms with a Chronic Illness
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