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Splashes of Joy - Support for Women with Illness & Depression

Splashes of Joy is an on-line support group for women that live with depression and any other chronic illness/pain.

We've come together for emotional and spiritual support. We'd like to give you an inside look at what this group is about.

We welcome you and are eager to get to know you.

About Splashes of Joy
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Photos of Moderators Trip
Special Prayer by a Member, for our Members
About Splashes of Joy

As the women share their lives with each other here, it may at times get a little "depressing" to read, but that's what we are here for. We also have "Laughter Therapy" by sending in humor, jokes, and uplifting stories. Proverbs 17:22 says, "A cheerful heart is good medicine."

We communicate via emailed messages, and every message goes to every member of Splashes.

If you are hurting and questioning how God can use this illness in your life, you have found a wonderful group of people who will welcome you with warm, non-judgmental, and caring reassurance.

Depression is an illness--not a weakness! So what are depressed woman in chronic pain doing leading a group? We at Rest Ministries believe that God doesn't call the equipped, He equips the called. Just like you,we take one day at time. Our strength comes from the Lord. I'd like to share with you what woman wrote to us after joining Splashes of Joy.

"Dear new friends, I joined Splashes a few weeks ago at the recommendation of a dear friend. I have not been disappointed. I feel like I know many of you through the lines on the screen. Through the beautiful poetry, wonderful Christian websites, words of encouragement and shared tears. I needed a Christian connection for dealing with my health issues. It is so comforting to read of others who have struggled with many of the same issues I have. I tell you this to offer my ear and shoulder to you who struggle with similar issues. I look forward to visiting with all of you. Life has had its challenges, but it also has its gifts.

Friendship is perhaps the best gift. Illness and disability have taken away some valued parts of my life but the hole is not empty. God filled it with friends and family, remember friends are our chosen family. Its a plus when your family members are also your friends. My heart aches as I read of your pain and soars with your triumphs. I so appreciate the sharing and prayers. The prayers get longer each time as Splashes is added to my friends, to the church prayer chain...God loves knee-m mail! Guess I've rattled on long enough, my fingers get carried away at the keyboard. Love, Kimberly from Montana."

We hope that Splashes brings you a similar joy and comfort in knowing that there are others who are hurting and standing together in prayer.

Friends... grab your umbrella and let's go singin' in the rain!

Love, Kat The original coordinator of Splashes of Joy

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Splashes of Joy
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"I know that there have been so many time when I just want to be the world's version of 'normal.' In this group I am "normal' and find love and support without the pressure to 'over do. We only have to get used to the idea that we are safe. Love, Marney"

Photo of Moderators Trip

A bunch of the moderators get together every year in Atlanta Beach for a weekend of prayer and friendship.

Read the article about one of the trips that was featured in HopeKeepers Magazine.

Special Prayer by a Member, for our Members

One of the Splashes of Joy members, Giselle, recently wrote a prayer about her experience. It's precious and we know that you will be blessed by it.

Heavenly Father,

I pray for all these wonderful ladies here, especially for those who are lurking but unable to share their struggles.

Father, You know that all of us suffer from depression and we suffer with one or many chronic pain conditions. I know that it is not Your

Will for anyone to suffer but to believe and be healed. Father, sometimes it's is so hard to see how we will ever be healed. Many have even giving up on praying to You because they have never been healed or had their prayers answered during there suffering. Some have waited a lifetime for answered prayer. Many think You are not there for them.

The truth is that You are always with us. It is us that lose our trust, hope and faith in You.

Father, I pray You pour out a blessing on every member here, not just those frequently involved, not just for those who are rarely here, not just for those who lurk. Father, pour a blessing upon each person connected with and through this site.

Our ultimate desire would be to completely healed of depression and the things that cause us Chronic pain. And in Your time You may do that for some. You may ask others to wait because it's just not time yet.

And others You will not heal for reasons of Your own.

We are all crying out to You to deliver us from these things anyways. We have faith and believe You are the Great Physician and that in Your time You will heal us.

For those of us that You are asking to continue to wait and for those that may never be healed, I ask that You give them the strength and courage they need to face each day. Give them perseverance to get up each morning and face their day and live it to the best of their ability. Give them peace and discernment in their homes, in their families and in their own mind. Give them hope and help them believe that You will always be there and will give them what the specifically need to face that day. Help us not to be too hard on ourselves when we've had a bad day. Show us that You love us unconditionally.

Father, so many of us get discouraged when we can no longer do something because of depression and pain. We get depressed when we can't take care of our loved ones. We get depressed when we can't care for our house. We get depressed when going out into the world that doesn't understand. We get depressed when we can't even get out of bed. We get depressed because in some ways we lost the ability to do the things we used to be able to do and the things we loved to do. I know depression is a disease but know that life struggles don't help.

Show us that despite all these things that when they face You in heaven You will not care what their home looked like, what their capabilities were. You won't care that we had pain and depression (because in Heaven all these things will be gone). But You will ask us how we served Him despite all these things. When we meet You face to face we will no longer have pain, suffering, broken bodies. We will be new. And You will open Your arms and welcome us home. I know Father that You are sad that we are going through these things on earth right now and that You cry with us. But I also know it is You that literally carries us through each day.

Help those around them to have compassion and understanding. May they see things as they are but to not be afraid of stepping in and helping out. Father, I know it's hard on our loved ones when they can't take our pain away. Be with them as they try to love us and let them know that it's normal to feel inadequate when they can't heal that person. Help them not to be afraid of the future but to live each day as it comes. Place love and compassion in their hearts.

Father, because of the depression and Chronic pain some homes have been broken. Restore the relationships You can and for those that can't be restored show the women left behind that you can be their husband, friend, father, provider, and that there is hope.

For those that are in the midst of family struggles, give each woman the courage she needs to have each day. Give her wisdom in doing all she can to restore those relationships. Give her courage to change the things she needs to change on her part but also give that same courage and wisdom to the others involved.

For those who had a partner and no longer do, and for those who pray for a life partner I ask You to wrap Your arms around them and show them that You can be their partner. Show them that You are always there even in the loneliest hours.

For those who struggle to provide for their families and have to force themselves to work at a job, despite their struggles, I ask that You poor an abundant blessing for financial stability and strength to persevere.

Father, be with each of us during our struggles. Help us remember that You are always there and that You will carry us during our most difficult times. May we always praise You no matter what.

Father, thanks for starting this group and putting the right people here at the right time. It's by You that someone has been directed here and that they will instantly connect with another person here and thus having someone to encourage them, love them, not judge them, care for them and most importantly pray for them. Thank You for putting such amazing prayer warriors on this site. So many women have faced these things because of their faith in You but also because of the prayers and wisdom of so many here.

Father, bless each one here with health, happiness, hope, joy, wisdom, perseverance, financial stability, restored relationships, new relationships, and faith in You.

We thank you Lord, so much, because we wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for You and for all these women who see each other through.

In Jesus' Precious Name I pray. Amen!

About Giselle: "I am from Saskatchewan, Canada and have 2 children, ages 17 & 19, and a daughter-in-law. I work part time as an office administrative assistant. I have many interests: family, friends, writing, sewing, quilting, crafts, reading, watching movies and enjoy gardening and being outside amidst God’s beauty.

I have had depression and chronic pain for about 8 years. Life hasn’t always been easy and there have been many many struggles in those years. However, I am so thankful to be able to look back and see how God has gotten me through. He led me on a spiritual journey that I may never have experienced if I hadn’t gotten sick. My relationship with Him has blossomed more than I could ever imagine. He has provided for me in so many ways, one of which was leading me to Splashes of Joy and Rest Ministries where I have found so much love, strength and encouragement. And because of this I can look forward and know that God and all these beautiful ladies will continue to see me through. Praise be to Him always!"



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