Rest Ministries Publishers' began in 1997 at the inception of Rest Ministries, Inc. Our mission is to minister to the spiritual needs of people who live with chronic illness and those who care about them through literature and other products consistent with biblical principles; and to equip the church with resources to increase their outreach to the chronically ill.

History of Rest Ministries Publishers

In 1997 the first version of So You Want to Start a Chronic Illness/Pain Ministry: 10 Essentials to Make it Work was written by Lisa Copen as the people expressed a desire to start small groups in their churches for those with chronic illness. Rest Ministries was unable to find a resource that guided a potential leader along the path of considering starting a group, through the challenges of leading a group of people who didn't feel well. This book and the Bible study, When Chronic Illness Enters Your Life, were first displayed at the Christian Council on Persons with Disabilties (CCPD) conference and had a wonderful response.

The next bible study soon followed, Learning to Live with Chronic Illness, as groups began finishing the first study and looking for more.

A Woman's Health Resource Journal was released in 2002, based widely on Lisa's own desire to organize her medical records with a resource that allowed for a person with a chronic illness. The chronically ill have multiple doctors, prescription medications, and resources and needed more space than the few health journals allowed. It was given wonderful reviews. It's currently out of print and being revised to be released in 2008.

For years Lisa was putting together devotionals and Mosaic Moments: Devotionals for the Chronically Ill was written by herself and about 20 other individuals who wrote daily devotionals for Rest Ministries. This was released January 2003, and arrived on Lisa's doorstep within 24 hours as her new baby son, who was given to her and her husband through the blessing of adoption. Relatives arrived and took turns holding Joshua and stuffing envelopes. Over 1000 copies had been pre-ordered.

Seeing an overwhelming attitude of "they just don't get it!" steering Christians solid in their faith off track, Lisa began formulating ideas for Why Can't I Make People Understand? Discovering the Validation Those with Chronic Illness Seek and Why. With her son under one year of age, this book was written during his naps and often long-hand. Lisa would type in her notes to the computer each evening and then print them, cut them up, and reorganize her thoughts. Struggling with some attitude issues in her own life, this book was both therapeutic and also a chance to dive into the Word regularly despite being a new mom. Lisa considers this book her best work.

Connie Kennemer, mom, multiple-sclerosis survivor, and musician, found great joy in writing devotionals about her life's experiences as well as sharing how those experiences resulted in songs over her career as a singer and songwriter. This beautifully published book, A Heart that Sings: The Words Behind the Songs, includes a CD of Connie's music, was a honor for Rest Ministries to publish.

In 2005 Rest Ministries Publishers published Beyond Casseroles: 505 Ways to Encourage a Chronically Ill Friend. This 94-page book is packed with simple yet thought-provoking ways to encourage someone who lives with illness. It shows ways to show caregivers and loved ones of those with illness both the practical and the emotional ways to support someone.

Currently, Rest Ministries Publishers is finishing up a book by doctor Amy Chai that is a thought-provoking devotional and study guide on living with illness and it's unpredictability.

Lisa has a number of books in the works, including More Mosaic Moments, a book on motherhood and illness, a Christian "mom-lit" fiction novel, and a series of ebooks on how to market one's book on the internet. There is an increasing number of chronically ill writing quality books on aspects of living successfully with chronic illness, but they have more difficulty than the average author with traveling, events, and financial backing. Lisa hopes her grassroots marketing tips on and offline will be an encouragement for many writers.


















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